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libcontainer Principles

In the design and development of libcontainer we try to follow these principles:

(Work in progress)

  • Don't try to replace every tool. Instead, be an ingredient to improve them.
  • Less code is better.
  • Fewer components are better. Do you really need to add one more class?
  • 50 lines of straightforward, readable code is better than 10 lines of magic that nobody can understand.
  • Don't do later what you can do now. "//TODO: refactor" is not acceptable in new code.
  • When hesitating between two options, choose the one that is easier to reverse.
  • "No" is temporary; "Yes" is forever. If you're not sure about a new feature, say no. You can change your mind later.
  • Containers must be portable to the greatest possible number of machines. Be suspicious of any change which makes machines less interchangeable.
  • The fewer moving parts in a container, the better.
  • Don't merge it unless you document it.
  • Don't document it unless you can keep it up-to-date.
  • Don't merge it unless you test it!
  • Everyone's problem is slightly different. Focus on the part that is the same for everyone, and solve that.
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