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delete the link and the sentence since the docs have been moved

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@@ -276,10 +276,6 @@ to ensure we keep the driver in a consistent and stable state:
and integration tests on the new supported environment
- Participate in a weekly driver maintainer meeting
If you can commit to those, the next step is to make sure the driver adheres
to the [spec](
Once you have created and tested the driver, you can open a PR.
Note: even if those are met does not guarantee a driver will be accepted.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on IRC.
@@ -258,5 +258,3 @@ echo " 3. Update the documentation branch"
echo " 4. Test the binaries linked from the github release page"
echo " 5. Change version/version.go to the next dev version"
echo " 6. Party !!"
echo "The full details of these tasks are described in the document, available at${GITHUB_USER}/${GITHUB_REPO}/blob/master/docs/"

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