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If you're a Mac or Windows user, the Docker Toolbox will install Docker Machine v0.12.0-rc1 for you, alongside the latest versions of the Docker Engine, Compose and Kitematic.

You can use the usual commands to install or upgrade:


$ curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` >/usr/local/bin/docker-machine && \
  chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-machine

On Linux

$ curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` >/tmp/docker-machine &&
    chmod +x /tmp/docker-machine &&
    sudo cp /tmp/docker-machine /usr/local/bin/docker-machine

On Windows with git bash

$ if [[ ! -d "$HOME/bin" ]]; then mkdir -p "$HOME/bin"; fi && \
curl -L > "$HOME/bin/docker-machine.exe" && \
chmod +x "$HOME/bin/docker-machine.exe"

Otherwise, download one of the releases from the release page directly.

See the install docs for more install options and instructions.



  • Various bash completion improvements


  • openstack
    • Enable HTTP_PROXY
  • digitalocean
    • Add support for tagging
  • virtualbox
    • Scope DHCP address range based on CIDR
  • generic
    • Increase default timeout
  • google
    • Add subnetwork support


  • Remove restriction on --engine-install-url in default-to-boot2docker drivers (virtualbox, vmwarefusion, etc.)
  • Reduce provisioning time of SUSE/openSUSE systems

Thank You

Thank you very much to our active users and contributors. If you have filed detailed bug reports, THANK YOU!
Please continue to do so if you encounter any issues. It's your hard work that makes Docker Machine better.

The following authors contributed changes to this release:

  • Anders F Björklund
  • Andrew Starr-Bochicchio
  • Cezar Sa Espinola
  • Flavio Castelli
  • Gerard Braad
  • Harald Albers
  • Ivan Vigasin
  • Jacob Parry
  • Lars Larsson
  • Mike Grass
  • Nathan LeClaire
  • Sven Dowideit
  • root
  • seongkki

Great thanks to all of the above! We appreciate it. Keep up the great work!


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