@ehazlett ehazlett released this Jun 18, 2015 · 2149 commits to master since this release


  • Engine option configuration (ability to configure all engine options)
  • Swarm option configuration (ability to configure all swarm options)
  • New Provisioning system to allow for greater flexibility and stability for installing and configuring Docker
  • New Provisioners
    • Rancher OS
    • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.0+ (experimental)
    • Fedora 21+ (experimental)
    • Debian 8+ (experimental)
  • PowerShell support (configure Windows Docker CLI)
  • Command Prompt (cmd.exe) support (configure Windows Docker CLI)
  • Filter command help by driver
  • Ability to import Boot2Docker instances
  • Boot2Docker CLI migration guide (experimental)
  • Format option for inspect command
  • New logging output format to improve readability and display across platforms
  • Ability to specify Docker install location and Swarm version
  • Updated "active" machine concept - now is implicit according to DOCKER_HOST environment variable. Note: this removes the implicit "active" machine and can no longer be specified with the active command. You change the "active" host by using the env command instead.


  • New: Exoscale Driver
  • New: Generic Driver (provision any host with supported base OS and SSH)
  • Amazon EC2
    • SSH user is configurable
    • Support for Spot instances
    • Add option to use private address only
    • Base AMI updated to 20150417
  • Google
    • Support custom disk types
    • Updated base image to v20150316
  • Openstack
    • Support for Keystone v3 domains
  • Rackspace
    • Misc fixes including environment variable for Flavor Id and stability
  • Softlayer
    • Enable local disk as provisioning option
    • Fixes for SSH access errors
    • Fixed bug where public IP would always be returned when requesting private
    • Add support for specifying public and private VLAN IDs
  • VirtualBox
    • Use Intel network interface driver (adds great stability)
    • Stability fixes for NAT access
    • Use DNS pass through
    • Default CPU to single core for improved performance
    • Enable shared folder support for Windows hosts
  • VMware Fusion
    • Boot2Docker ISO updated
    • Shared folder support


  • Provisioning improvements to ensure Docker is available
  • SSH improvements for provisioning stability
  • Fixed SSH key generation bug on Windows
  • Help formatting for improved readability

Breaking Changes

  • "Short-Form" name reference no longer supported
    Instead of "docker-machine " implying the active host you must now use docker-machine
  • VMware shared folders require Boot2Docker 1.7

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all contributors. Machine would not be where it is
without you. We would also like to give special thanks to the following
contributors for outstanding contributions to the project: