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@nathanleclaire nathanleclaire released this Dec 1, 2015 · 1480 commits to master since this release


  1. Download the .zip file for your OS and architecture.
  2. Extract the contained binaries (core binary and plugins) to your PATH.

e.g., for Mac OSX:

$ curl -L > && \
  unzip && \
  rm && \
  mv -f docker-machine* /usr/local/bin


$ curl -L > && \
  unzip && \
  rm && \
  mv -f docker-machine* /usr/local/bin

Windows (using git bash):

$ if [[ ! -d "$HOME/bin" ]]; then mkdir -p "$HOME/bin"; fi && \
  curl -L > && \
  unzip && \
  rm && \
  mv -f docker-machine* "$HOME/bin"



  • Bash autocompletion and helpers fixed
  • Remove RawDriver from config.json - Driver parameters can now be edited directly again in this file.
  • Change fish env variable setting to be global
  • Add docker-machine version command
  • Move back to normal codegangsta/cli upstream
  • --tls-san flag for extra SANs


  • Fix GetURL IPv6 compatibility
  • Add documentation page for available 3rd party drivers
  • VirtualBox
    • Support for shared folders and virtualization detection on Linux hosts
    • Improved detection of invalid host-only interface settings
  • Google
    • Update default images
  • VMware Fusion
    • Add option to disable shared folder
  • Generic
    • New environment variables for flags


  • Support for Ubuntu >=15.04. This means Ubuntu machines can be created which work with overlay driver of libnetwork.
  • Fix issue with current netstat / daemon availability checking

Thank You

Thank you very much to our active users and contributors. If you have filed detailed bug reports, THANK YOU! Please continue to do so if you encounter any issues. It's your hard work that makes Machine better.

The following authors contributed changes to this release:

  • Alex Crome
  • Andrew Hodges
  • Ben Hamill
  • Daehyeok Mun
  • Dave Tucker
  • David Gageot
  • David Stosik
  • Edward Raigosa
  • Emmanuel Bretelle
  • Evan Hazlett
  • Jan Broer
  • Jean-Laurent de Morlhon
  • Jean-Tiare Le Bigot
  • Jeff Nickoloff
  • Kazumichi Yamamoto
  • Koichi Shiraishi
  • Nathan LeClaire
  • Nick Gauthier
  • Olivier Gambier
  • Roman Coedo
  • Sam Alba
  • Sven Dowideit
  • Thomas Recloux
  • Vladimir Varankin
  • jellin
  • jviide

Great thanks to all of the above! We appreciate it. Keep up the great work!


sha256               83e31443a859a8f249928b88e098762d6d10ee5213817cf7fddb2d0af635483b
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sha256             298a9d51d00c3b01c7b74853f19638467a07b6cf954d3116c0252232879de42e
md5                df1ae37f568dab556caec864f26cfab9
sha256                1947a4f4127c2a0d58033ae0319bd7f856bb9c249e3fadf57dc337c723e3b8c7
md5                   ae41a10d03ea592e433b36108d18e1ca
sha256              62c43ff97420a68b13fc10c4db38dfe2ac79ad07254c16770d32ab342c671cb5
md5                 ab40b461a8940ab2aa349541a2470573
sha256              a066a20d7ab4a7ce67256b38a5f0e041e3d73c0f5d291885078f0a432cb75bdc
md5                 93d5603098d0b4a79ffd91939f8adc02
sha256            c81f4b00215fa481a58e5a1c2036ce930caf89c13aab7604317f4dd0761f413c
md5               533759e13d66a7d5d536a8a96b5e1227
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