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The docs have been moved!

The documentation for Docker Machine has been merged into the general documentation repo.

The docs for Docker Machine are now here: https://github.com/docker/docker.github.io/tree/master/machine

Please submit pull requests for unpublished features on the vnext-machine branch (https://github.com/docker/docker.github.io/tree/vnext-machine).

If you submit a PR to this codebase that has a docs impact, create a second docs PR on docker.github.io. Use the docs PR template provided (coming soon - watch this space).

PRs for typos, additional information, etc. for already-published features should be labeled as okay-to-publish (we are still settling on a naming convention, will provide a label soon). You can submit these PRs either to vnext-machine or directly to master on docker.github.io

As always, the docs in the general repo remain open-source and we appreciate your feedback and pull requests!