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Docker Machine Experimental Features

Docker Machine’s experimental features gives you access to bleeding edge features. By identifying experimental features, you can try out features early and give feedback to the Docker Machine maintainers. In this way, we hope to refine our feature designs by exposing them earlier to real-world usage.

This page describes the experimental features in Docker Machine. Docker Machine is currently in beta. Neither it nor its experimental features are ready for production use.

The information below describes each feature and the Github pull requests and issues associated with it. If necessary, links are provided to additional documentation on an issue. As an active Docker user and community member, please feel free to provide any feedback on these features you wish.

Current experimental features

Currently, you can experiment with migrating a Boot2Docker created VM to Docker Machine. Also, consider reviewing our rough plan for the migration.

Additional experimental features include support for Red Hat, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, and RancherOS as base OSes. These features have no separate feature documentation. We simply encourage you to try them.

How to comment on an experimental feature

Each feature's documentation includes a list of proposal pull requests or PRs associated with the feature. If you want to comment on or suggest a change to a feature, please add it to the existing feature PR.

Issues or problems with a feature? Inquire for help on the #docker-machine IRC channel or in on the Docker Google group.