fabio-vyzvoice ISSUE-4450 Added ServerAliveInterval among the default ssh options an…
…d sorted them alphabetically to improve readability

Signed-off-by: Fabio Kruger <fabio.kruger@vyzvoice.com>
Latest commit 8380765 Apr 12, 2018
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auth Implemented '--tls-san' global arg for adding extra SANs (subject alt… Nov 23, 2015
cert Check NotAfter date on certs and recreate if necessary Mar 2, 2018
check Update certificates error message Aug 15, 2016
crashreport Add OpenBSD support to libmachine/crashreport Feb 10, 2018
drivers Allow rancheros to select a different Docker engine version using --e… May 30, 2017
engine Add code to wait for Docker daemon on start Jan 27, 2016
examples libmachine/ssh: added the Start and Wait functions to the Client inte… Jan 27, 2016
host Add --client-certs flag to regeneratecerts command Feb 20, 2018
hosttest Remove unused code Nov 13, 2015
libmachinetest Fix bugsnag reports for create Jan 18, 2016
log Remove remaining log.Fatal Jan 7, 2016
mcndockerclient Revert "Add DOCKER_API_VERSION to env" Jan 17, 2017
mcnerror Update non-existent rm test Oct 3, 2017
mcnflag Move towards using external binaries / RPC plugins Oct 16, 2015
mcnutils Simplify code Oct 11, 2017
persist Remedy updated linter errors Oct 2, 2017
provider Make libmachine usable by outside world Sep 23, 2015
provision Merge pull request #4232 from andrestc/apt-retry Feb 12, 2018
shell Update fish test now that magic env var is not used Sep 27, 2016
ssh ISSUE-4450 Added ServerAliveInterval among the default ssh options an… Apr 12, 2018
state Lint, step 1 Nov 4, 2015
swarm Fixes #2302 Possibility to create master with manager, but without a… Apr 28, 2016
version Lint Nov 5, 2015
versioncmp fix some typos to make Go Report more happy Aug 10, 2017
libmachine.go Wait for SSH before daemon detection Feb 4, 2016