@vieux vieux released this Nov 3, 2015 · 1308 commits to master since this release

Noteworthy changes from 0.4.0


  • Swarm is now pulling Images in parallel after the scheduling decision has been made, which mitigates the error happening occasionally with Docker pulls blocking the entire scheduler.

General stability:

  • The Node refresh loop process has been improved and does not yield to a panic when removing an Engine and trying to refresh the state at the same time.
  • The refresh loop has been randomized to better handle huge scale scenarios (> 1000 nodes) where a refresh burst could occur and make the Manager unstable/fail.
  • General improvements and fixes for the Mesos experimental backend for swarm.

Integration with libnetwork / Support for overlay networking:

  • It is now possible to use the new networking features with Swarm through the network sub-system. Commands like docker network create, docker network attach and docker network ls are now available through swarm.

Integration with Docker Volume Plugins:

  • You can now use the docker volume plugin subsystem available with docker volume.

Leader Election:

  • You can now specify the --replication-ttl flag to control how long it takes for Replicas to be notified of the Primary failure and take over the lead.


  • This is now possible to use TLS with discovery for consul and etcd using the new --discovery-opt flag.


docker pull swarm:1.0.0