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1.2.0 (2016-04-13)


  • Move rescheduling out of experimental
  • Differentiate constraint errors from affinity errors
  • Printing unsatisfiable constraints for container scheduling failure
  • Enable rescheduling on master manager to prevent replica managers from rescheduling containers
  • Output error when starting a rescheduled container fails, and when removing container fails at node recovery
  • Validate cluster swarm.overcommit option


  • Introduce engine-api client to Swarm
  • Implement 'info' and 'version' with engine-api
  • Use apiClient for some volume, network, image operations
  • Print engine version in Info
  • Fix swarm api response status code
  • Support ps node filter
  • Fix HostConfig for /start endpoint
  • Print container 'created' state at ps
  • Update dockerclient to get labels on volumes, networks, images
  • Support private images, labels and other new flags in docker build
  • Select apiClient version according to node docker version

Node management

  • Prevent crash on channel double close
  • Manager retries EventMonitoring on failure.
  • Docker engine updates hostname/domainname
  • Force inspect for containers in Restarting state.
  • Increase max thread count to 50k to accommodate large cluster or heavy workload
  • Force to validate min and max refresh interval to be positive
  • Skip unstable tests from Docker bug 14203
  • Fix race condition between node removal from discovery and scheduler
  • Fix data race with node failureCount
  • Display warning message if an engine has labels with "node=xxx"


  • Remove parameter which is not used in createDiscovery
  • Fix Consul leader election failure on multi-server

Mesos integration

  • Support rescind offer in swarm
  • Update mesos tests


  • Update golang version to 1.5.4
  • Skip redundant endpoints in "network inspect"
  • Validate duration flags:--delay, --timeout, --replication-ttl
  • Fix image matching via id
  • Make port 0 invalid as listening port
  • Improve volume inspect test
  • Add read lock for eventsHandler when only it is necessary
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