@nishanttotla nishanttotla released this Jun 5, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

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  • Set default API version to 1.30
  • Fail volume create requests if they fail on any node
  • Avoid false positive errors if container networkID is not set
  • Drop support for old TLS versions
  • Disallow passing HostConfig on container start
  • --since and --before filtering for docker images
  • Add support for the health and is-task filters
  • Remove all usage of samalba/dockerclient
  • Use http client created in Swarm
  • Make sure we don't read from Request.Body after hijacking
  • Add automatic constraint logic when ContainerCreate fails because of an OSType mismatch
  • Support image load on hybrid cluster
  • Only check healthy engines when doing image inspects
  • Remove check against minimum version


  • Remove Mesos integration due to lack of maintainability and updates.


  • Fix No Elected Primary Cluster Manager issue


  • Force resume refreshLoop when engine status becomes healthy
  • Fix deadlock and address race condition in RefreshContainers
  • Avoid concurrent map read-write panic
  • Overhaul events code using watchQueues


  • Reschedule with new IP on disconnect errors


  • Remove Windows binary