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This project is part of the Dockerized Drupal initiative.
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Version agnostic wrapper around Drush that allows you to use Drush seamlessly with Docker containers.


Usage: crush

  -f, --file FILE   Specify an alternate compose file (default: docker-compose.yml)
  -v, --version     Show version number
  -h, --help        Show help


curl -sSL | sudo sh


Tests are implemented in Bats: Bash Automated Testing System.

Test results for the current release

ok 1 crush: php-5.2: drupal 6
ok 2 crush: php-5.2: drupal 6: document root
ok 3 crush: php-5.2: drupal 7
ok 4 crush: php-5.2: drupal 7: document root
ok 5 crush: php-5.3: drupal 6
ok 6 crush: php-5.3: drupal 6: document root
ok 7 crush: php-5.3: drupal 7
ok 8 crush: php-5.3: drupal 7: document root
ok 9 crush: php-5.4: drupal 7
ok 10 crush: php-5.4: drupal 7: document root
ok 11 crush: php-5.5: drupal 7
ok 12 crush: php-5.5: drupal 7: document root
ok 13 crush: php-5.5: drupal 8
ok 14 crush: php-5.5: drupal 8: document root
ok 15 crush: php-5.6: drupal 7
ok 16 crush: php-5.6: drupal 7: document root
ok 17 crush: php-5.6: drupal 8
ok 18 crush: php-5.6: drupal 8: document root



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