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JavaScript Style Guide

A dockeron project, built on Electron + Vue.js for Docker.

I am only using Mac version, which means that the Windows and Linux versions are to be tested.

Notice that, this project is still under active development, many functionalities or features are not implemented yet, and some parts are still buggy.

Since this is my first front-end project, there might be some bad practices BUT I want to make Dockeron better. This is why I would really appriciate the help from you and the community.

Welcome PR and issues.

TODOs and progress

Please refer to project dockeron.


Make sure you have Node.js installed (node@^6.5.0 or higher is recommended).

  • Clone the repo to your machine (or fork it to your github account then clone from there)
git clone
cd dockeron
  • Make your branch from develop

  • Install all dependencies then npm run dev

npm install
npm run dev


Contributing to Dockeron



This project was generated from electron-vue.