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Caddy Server reverse proxy

Caddy Server is a simple yet powerful multi-purpose web server, which includes reverse proxy capability. It supports HTTP/2 and SSL (at the first start it generates an SSL certificate via LetsEncrypt). It also comes with QUIC experimental protocol support - see tutorial

heroku dh:generate caddy-proxy

By default it generates a proxy for your Heroku app, but this behavior can be adjusted by setting environment variables in dockhero-compose.yml

VIRTUAL_HOSTS https://${DOCKHERO_HOST} Caddy server will generate an SSL certificate for that domain
TARGET_URL ${HEROKU_APP_URL} URL which receives the request

It's recommended to always declare a volume to store SSL certificate and key to avoid generating the certificate every time the container starts and hitting the limits.

You can see the Caddy's access.log using Heroku logs command

heroku logs -p dockhero --tail