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query substrate chain state from the terminal
Rust Shell
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Example command line utility for querying latest state from a substrate based chain.

This example supports querying some, but not all public storage items used in the substrate-node-template.

Example usage:

# Get the balance of the Alice account
substrate-client-cli ws:// read balances-free-balance '"5GrwvaEF5zXb26Fz9rcQpDWS57CtERHpNehXCPcNoHGKutQY"'

Input and output are encoded as json.

How it works

Substrate state queries consist of the following steps:

  • take some key K
  • convert K to a raw trie index (usually by SCALE encoding then hashing)
  • lookup the index in chainstate
  • decode index as some value V

In short: K -> SCALE encode -> Hash -> lookup -> SCALE decode -> V

This example utility composes the process to allow queries from the command line.

json decode -> K -> SCALE encode -> Hash -> lookup -> SCALE decode -> V -> json encode

K must implement serde::Deserialze and V must implement serde::Deserialze.


Traits from srml_support::storage::hashed::generator like StorageMap provide type safety. For example try changing the return type of SystemAccountNonce from u32 to something else. ("./src/"). Rustc will shout at you because node-template-runtime uses u32 for account nonces.


Functionality is limited. Here are some things this tool could do, but does not. (PRs welcome)

  • Extrinsic submission
  • Querying state for blocks other the latest
  • StorageDoubleMap queries (would be straightforward to implement, needs a test case)
  • StorageLinkedMap queries (would be straightforward to implement, needs a test case)
  • #[derive(StorageQuery)]
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