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2.8 final.

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commit 0955c79693419502bfc1081cb4fa2f75548ff9fa 1 parent 976cb55
@lextm lextm authored
12 .nuget/DockPanelSuite.nuspec
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package xmlns="">
- <version></version>
+ <version></version>
<authors>Weifen Luo and other contributors</authors>
<owners>Weifen Luo and other contributors</owners>
@@ -16,6 +16,14 @@
<description>The docking library for .Net Windows Forms development which mimics Visual Studio .Net.</description>
<summary>The docking library for .Net Windows Forms development which mimics Visual Studio .Net.</summary>
+April 28, 2013: 2.8.0 Beta
+1. GitHub #69 Restored multiple UI threads support.
+2. GitHub #81 Added ActiveAutoHideContentChanged event.
+3. GitHub #82 Fixed dock indicator issue when DockPanel parent form is set to TopMost.
+4. GitHub #91 Changed double-click behavior of FloatWindow.
+5. GitHub #119 Changed initialization of DockContent's AutoHidePortion.
+6. GitHub #123 Require click to show autohide content.
Sept 5, 2012: 2.7.0
1. GitHub #11 - Corrected an issue that prevented the docking indicator from being shown when docking a float window while the cursor was in the float window to be docked.
2. GitHub #16 - Fixed a stack overflow that occurs on Mono at shutdown due to an existing discrepency in Mono's implementation of Control.Dispose().
@@ -53,7 +61,7 @@ Oct 30, 2010: 2.4.0
3. BUG FIX: [2780774] Sample app layout by code functionality does not fully work and breaks when executed two times in a row.
4. Middle mouse button click on a Document tab closes the Document that was clicked. (Original code from Ralf Jablonski but modified to close the Document that was clicked)
- <copyright>(C) 2007-2012 Weifen Luo and other contributors</copyright>
+ <copyright>(C) 2007-2013 Weifen Luo and other contributors</copyright>
<tags>windows forms docking dockpanel panel</tags>
4 WinFormsUI/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs
@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@
[assembly: Guid("9d690ef9-ce19-4c69-874c-e24d8eb36aff")]
-[assembly: AssemblyVersion("")]
-[assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("")]
+[assembly: AssemblyVersion("")]
+[assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("")]
[module: SuppressMessage("Microsoft.Naming", "CA1704:IdentifiersShouldBeSpelledCorrectly", Scope = "namespace", Target = "WeifenLuo.WinFormsUI.Docking", MessageId = "Weifen")]
[module: SuppressMessage("Microsoft.Naming", "CA1704:IdentifiersShouldBeSpelledCorrectly", Scope = "namespace", Target = "WeifenLuo.WinFormsUI.Docking", MessageId = "Luo")]
4 all.bat
@@ -2,4 +2,6 @@ CALL clean.bat
CALL release.bat
CALL clean.bat
CALL release.net40.bat
-CALL .nuget/nuget.exe pack
+CD .nuget
+CALL nuget.exe pack
+CD ..
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