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Change the size of a window #64

draco951 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hello :-)

Do you know how can i change the size (height precisely) of a window ? (DockContent)

i've tried this : this.Height = this.Height + 100;

But nothing happen.

An idea ?


In most cases you should not do that in code. What do you attempt to achieve?


I would like to enlarge the window to access to hidden button.

Like a drawer i can open and close by cliking on a button, when it's open, there is more functionnality than when it's close


DockPanel.DockLeftPortion (as well matching properties for the other three sides) control the amount of space taken by the contents docked in those spaces. If the content is hidden, it's size when it unhides is controlled by the AutoHidePortion property on the DockContent.

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