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Is that possible at the current DockPanelSuite implementation to raise an event when the mouse enters the dock panel tab? If so, how can I achieve that?

Thank in advance for your prompt reply!

lextm commented Sep 26, 2012

What exactly do you want to achieve by subscribing to this event? Such internal events are not visible (or in use).

If you want to subscribe to them you will have to modify the code base on your own. But there might be another event more suitable for you to use instead.


I'm using the dockpanelsuite to display multiple documents in my application. I want to display a custom tooltip with information about the document currently being shown at the selected dock panel. I want to show the tooltip only when the mouse cursor is over the current dock panel tab.

lextm commented Sep 27, 2012

By reading OnMouseHover method's implementation, you can learn how the tool tip is determined and set at runtime.

The VS2005 implementation sets the tooltip to either tab.Content.DockHandler.ToolTipText or tab.Content.DockHandler.TabText.

So for you, one approach is to implement your own DockPaneStripBase derived class. The other is to use VS2005DockPaneStrip and change the two possible value sources.

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