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Is it possible to add more buttons to window's title bars? #76

ubx-edgardo opened this Issue · 4 comments

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No description provided.


Could you be more specific or provide a picture of what you're trying to accomplish. Which "window" ?


Yes, I mean the title of dock panes. Please look the red dot at, there is where I want to put a button.


This is not currently supported but will be put on the enhancement backlog.


As I have been working on the VS 2012 new theme, I can confirm this is something you can do on your own (without any DPS API change, but you might have to use DPS 3.0), by writing your own theme (typically derived from an existing theme).

You can already take a look at and read the "Close Button on Document Tabs (Updated: May 5)" section.

@lextm lextm closed this
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