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Inconsistent rendering of fonts when un/docked #77

Temoto-kun opened this Issue Nov 11, 2012 · 2 comments

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I had this bug, wherein, the font displayed by the controls of a Child Form are not working. The controls were supposed to inherit the font of the Child Form since their Font properties are not set to anything but default.

Here's how I encountered the bug:

  1. Firstly, I had the Font property of the Child Form set programmatically to some custom font that works. I haven't tried setting the Font property of the Child Form directly in the designer, but it should be the same as setting it via code. I made all the DockPanel's DockWindows' and FloatWindows' Font to the custom font.

  2. Next, it was shown in the DockPanel. The fonts were not applied on form load.

  3. Then, I tried undocking a Child Form. Still, the font was not rendered on that Child Form.

  4. Lastly, I docked that Child Form again. This time, the font was rendered as it should be.

If I undocked the Child Form, the font will not display correctly, and if it is docked back, it will.

DockPanel Suite member
lextm commented Jan 19, 2013

Hi, if possible, please write a small sample and share with us via DropBox. Thanks.

DockPanel Suite member
roken commented Jul 20, 2013

Closing out as not reproducible.

@roken roken closed this Jul 20, 2013
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