Memory leak fixed. DocPane was holding reference to the last document. #74

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zdomokos commented Oct 26, 2012

Memory leak fixed. DocPane was holding reference to the last document. This is normally not a problem, however when the document is large, and will not be reused - meaning there will be no another ActiveContent on the particular pane, the memory will never be collected.


roken commented Oct 26, 2012

Thank you for submitting a pull request, it's great to see participation in this project!

Unfortunately, although the issue is valid, this request cannot be accepted. The first thing to note is that DockPane.m_activeContent should not be manipulated directly. It is set via the ActiveContent property which contains important state validation on the new value.

I believe the correct approach here will be to make sure ValidateActiveContent() is called on the pane when the last item is closed/hidden. The most appropriate place for this call is likely in DockPane.CloseContent() but I will need to verify that.

@ghost ghost assigned roken Oct 26, 2012

My memory leaks fix for 2.5.1RC1:

Index: tags/Release_2.5_RC1/WinFormsUI/Docking/DockContentHandler.cs
--- tags/Release_2.5_RC1/WinFormsUI/Docking/DockContentHandler.cs   (revision 115)
+++ tags/Release_2.5_RC1/WinFormsUI/Docking/DockContentHandler.cs   (working copy)
@@ -39,6 +39,10 @@
+                 if (Pane != null && Pane.DockPanel != null)
+                 {
+                   Hide();
+                 }
                    DockPanel = null;
                    if (m_autoHideTab != null)

@roken roken closed this Jun 19, 2014

This method could be internal.

lextm commented on 4fd234b Sep 6, 2016

Already cherry picked in upstream.

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