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Example Docksal addon

This is an example of an installable Docksal addon. It's purpose is to show a sample folder structure and concepts of creating installable addons.


Addon name is the name of the folder containing it. In this case addon name is example.

Required files

Each addon should have a main script that is named as the addon. In this case the main script name is example. It should be located in the addon root directory.

Optional files

If there is a need to include more files, then these files should be described in addon.filelist one file per line.

See contents of example.filelist for details.


Hooks are special additional files that executed automatically upon certain events. Hook files should be named as addon.hook and described in addon.filelist.

Supported hooks:

  • pre-install executed before installation, can cancel installation if returns non-zero exit code
  • post-install executed after installation
  • pre-uninstall executed before uninstallation, can cancel uninstallation if returns non-zero exit code
  • post-uninstall executed after uninstallation

Examples of all these hooks can be found here.