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Backdrop CMS boilerplate for Docksal
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Docksal powered Backdrop Installation

This is a sample Backdrop CMS installation pre-configured for use with Docksal.


  • Backdrop CMS
  • fin init example

Setup instructions

Step 1: Docksal environment setup

This is a one time setup - skip this if you already have a working Docksal environment.

Follow Docksal environment setup instructions

Step 2: Project setup

  1. Clone this repo into your Projects directory

    git clone
    cd backdrop
  2. Initialize the site

    This will initialize local settings and install the site via drush

    fin init
  3. On Windows add backdrop.docksal to your hosts file

  4. Point your browser to


More automation with 'fin init'

Site provisioning can be automated using fin init, which calls the shell script in .docksal/commands/init.
This script is meant to be modified per project.

Some common tasks that can be handled in the init script:

  • initialize local settings files for Docker Compose, Backdrop, Behat, etc.
  • import DB or perform a site install
  • compile Sass
  • run DB updates, revert features, clear caches, etc.
  • enable/disable modules, update variables values
  • run Behat tests
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