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GatsbyJS boilerplate for Docksal
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Gatsby boilerplate for Docksal

GatsbyJS boilerplate project for Docksal


Run fin init to install Gatsby's default starter. Once the site is installed, Docksal will start Gatsby in the development mode, allowing you to jump to playing with the installation. Edit pages under docroot/src/pages. (Known issue: instant update is not working. You need to hit refresh in the browser.)

Note: fin init always re-creates the project from scratch. To just (re)start the project development server use fin develop.

Generating Static Site

Create a static build with fin build-site.

Custom commands list

  • fin init - (re)initialize the project (start fresh, drops docroot)
  • fin develop - starts Gatsby server again (if the server or project stack was stopped). Does NOT do a reset.
  • fin build-site - Generates production GatsbyJS site build in ./public


Gatsby 1.x issue with images when working in Docker

When running Gatsby in develop mode, there is an issue with images imported via import, because Gatsby appends port to their URLs by default. See Gatsby issue for the proper workaround.

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