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Dockstore S3 file provisioning plugin
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Dockstore S3 file provisioning plugin


The s3 plugin is capable of download, upload, and can set metadata on uploaded objects.

$ cat test.s3.json 
  "input_file": {
        "class": "File",
        "path": "s3://oicr.temp/"
    "output_file": {
        "class": "File",
        "metadata": "eyJvbmUiOiJ3b24iLCJ0d28iOiJ0d28ifQ==",
        "path": "s3://oicr.temp/"

$ dockstore tool launch --entry  --json test.s3.json
Creating directories for run of Dockstore launcher at: ./datastore//launcher-a246f1b6-21fd-468e-8780-b064d311dda5
Provisioning your input files to your local machine
Downloading: #input_file from s3://oicr.temp/ into directory: /media/large_volume/dockstore_tools/dockstore-tool-md5sum/./datastore/launcher-a246f1b6-21fd-468e-8780-b064d311dda5/inputs/73b70f11
Found file s3://oicr.temp/ in cache, hard-linking
Calling on plugin io.dockstore.provision.S3Plugin$S3Provision to provision s3://oicr.temp/
Calling out to cwltool to run your tool
Executing: cwltool --enable-dev --non-strict --outdir /media/large_volume/dockstore_tools/dockstore-tool-md5sum/./datastore/launcher-a246f1b6-21fd-468e-8780-b064d311dda5/outputs/ --tmpdir-prefix /media/large_volu
me/dockstore_tools/dockstore-tool-md5sum/./datastore/launcher-a246f1b6-21fd-468e-8780-b064d311dda5/tmp/ --tmp-outdir-prefix /media/large_volume/dockstore_tools/dockstore-tool-md5sum/./datastore/launcher-a246f1b6-
21fd-468e-8780-b064d311dda5/working/ /tmp/1488407859906-0/temp3047430238970788171.cwl /media/large_volume/dockstore_tools/dockstore-tool-md5sum/./datastore/launcher-a246f1b6-21fd-468e-8780-b064d311dda5/workflow_p
/usr/local/bin/cwltool 1.0.20170217172322
Provisioning your output files to their final destinations
Uploading: #output_file from /media/large_volume/dockstore_tools/dockstore-tool-md5sum/./datastore/launcher-a246f1b6-21fd-468e-8780-b064d311dda5/outputs/md5sum.txt to : s3://oicr.temp/
Calling on plugin io.dockstore.provision.S3Plugin$S3Provision to provision to s3://oicr.temp/
Loading one->won
Loading two->two

Note that metadata is Base64 encoded in the JSON and creates metadata tags on the uploaded file.


This plugin gets configuration information from the following structure in ~/.dockstore/config

endpoint = <endpoint> 

Set the endpoint to a different value in order to talk to a S3 endpoint that is not the official endpoint hosted by AWS. (ex: ) Note that the standard Configuration and Credential Files should be setup in your home directory in order to set an access key and secret access key.

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