A flexible collection of Swift protocols and helpers to organize and manage translating between JSON and native Swift objects.
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A flexible collection of Swift protocols and helpers to organize and manage translating between JSON and native Swift objects.

Designed to give your model objects a consistent JSON conversion / mapping / caching / offline strategy without getting in your way.

  • Designed to be flexible enough to let you implement your models as your requirements dictate while giving you a general framework to organize your JSON parsing and caching strategy.

  • A collection of composable but distinct features, so you can use the protocols and helpers that work for the use case at hand.

  • Simple, straightforward, and lightweight; Derulo sits right between "I'll just implement it myself without a third party library" and "I don't really want to reinvent the wheel and implement a JSON strategy from scratch"


start with JSON

var jasonJSON = [String : Any]()
jasonJSON["id"] = 93
jasonJSON["name"] = "Jason Derulo"
jasonJSON["fav_song"] = "wiggle"


parse into model object

let jasonPerson = Person(json: jasonJSON)


convert to JSON

let jasonPersonJSON = jasonPerson.asJSON


make another json

var jaySeanJSON = JSON()
jaySeanJSON["id"] = 57
jaySeanJSON["name"] = "Jay Sean"

start with array of json

let jsonArray: [JSON] = [jasonJSON, jaySeanJSON]

parse into model object

let people: [Person] = JSONMapper<Person>().mapArray(json: jsonArray)

convert to JSON

let peopleJSON: [JSON] = JSONConverter<Person>().jsonArray(fromArray: people)


let persistenceKey = "people"

store to disk

JSONPersistenceManager<Person>().store(array: people, withKey: persistenceKey)

restore from disk

let restoredPeople: [Person] = JSONPersistenceManager<Person>().restoreArray(withKey: persistenceKey)

delete from disk

JSONPersistenceManager<Person>().removeObject(withKey: persistenceKey)

From Data

start with Data

guard let data = try? JSONSerialization.data(withJSONObject: jasonJSON, options: []) else { return }

map to object

let jasonPersonFromData = JSONMapper<Person>().map(data: data)
print(jasonPersonFromData ?? "")

Example Implementation

struct Person: Identifiable {
    let identifier: Identifier
    let name: String
    let favoriteSong: Song?

extension Person: JSONMappable {
    init?(json: JSON?) {
        guard let json = json else { return nil }
        guard let id = IntToStringTransform().transform(fromJSON: json["id"]) else {
            print(#function, String(describing: Person.self), "JSON missing required properties")
            return nil
        self.identifier = id
        self.name = json["name"] as? String ?? "No Name"
        self.favoriteSong = Song(jsonEntry: json["fav_song"])

extension Person: JSONConvertible {
    var asJSON: JSON {
        var json = JSON()
        json["id"] = IntToStringTransform().transform(toJSON: identifier)
        json["name"] = name
        if let favoriteSong = favoriteSong {
            json["fav_song"] = favoriteSong.asJSONEntry
        return json

extension Person: JSONModel {}

extension Person: JSONPersistable {
    var asPersistenceJSON: JSON {
        return asJSON

enum Song: String {
    case wiggle
    case talkDirty

extension Song: JSONEntryMappable, JSONEntryConvertible {

    init?(jsonEntry: JSONEntry?) {
        guard let jsonEntry = jsonEntry as? String else { return nil }
        self.init(rawValue: jsonEntry)
    var asJSONEntry: String {
        return rawValue


Swift 3.0


Derulo is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'Derulo'


Christian Hatch, christianhatch@gmail.com


Derulo is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.