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A very simple, super lightweight javascript cookie class that you will understand.
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Simple Cookie

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This is a very simple, super lightweight javascript cookie class to be used however you like. It has 4 simple methods...

Set Cookie

Cookie.set('name', 'value')

You can also use it set the expiration time, by default it never expire. The expiration is in minutes so laying out the multiplication for a year would be as follows.

Cookie.set('name', 'value', 60*24*365)

The path can also be optionally set as follows.

Cookie.set('name', 'value', 60*24*365, document.location)

Get Cookie


Returns the value of the cookie if it exits, 'undefined' if it does not exists.

Remove Cookie


Removes the cookie with that name if it is set.

Exists Cookie


Returns a TRUE or FALSE value is the cookie is currently set on the client.

And it's as simple at that! :) Enjoy

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