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  • Fixes error when creating a join between STI related models - edpaget


  • Fixes missing CTEProxy delegate - eidge
  • Fixes where chain on joins - edpaget
  • ActiveRecord 4.2 support added - edpaget


  • Fixes an issue with where(table: { column: [] }) was not properly converting the where clause to an equality instead of an IN predicate (#111) - Dan McClain
  • Adds support for Rails 4.1 - Dan McClain
  • Adds support for hstore columns when using contains (#120) - Dan McClain
  • Quotes CTE names (#130) - Dan McClain


  • Adds Arel predications for ANY and ALL - Dan McClain
  • Fixes errors with has_and_belongs_to_many associations - Jacob Swanner
  • Adds with.recursive for recursive CTEs - Cody Cutrer
  • Relation.with now accepts Arel::SelectMangers - Dan McClain


  • Fixes Arel 4.0.1 issues - Dan McClain
  • Prevents coversion of string to order statement - Dan McClain


  • Fixes calls to count when ranking a relation - Dan McClain


  • Fixes cte proxy so that it can create records - Dan McClain


  • Support added for common table expressions - Dan McClain
  • Support added for rank windowing function - Dan McClain
  • Insert Code Climate badge into README - Doug Yun


  • JRuby fixes - Dan McClain
  • Updates docs and description - Dan McClain
  • Rails 4 support - Dan McClain


1.0.0 is the last major and minor release for Rails 3.2.x. Postgres_ext will only receive bug fixes in the future. Also, bug fixes for 1.0.x will come from PRs only, future development efforts are concentrated on 2.x.

  • Fixing array tests in jruby - Dan McClain
  • Removes encoding patches from PostgreSQLAdapter - Dan McClain
  • Update documentation to reflect changes in 0.3.0 - Fabian Schwahn
  • Allow conversion of string/text columns to array - Valentino
  • Fix link to github issues in readme - Carlos Antonio da Silva


  • Adds support for (limited) support for PostgreSQL ranges - Dan McClain


  • Fixes issue with array -> string code - Dan McClain
  • Adds support for ISN types - Ezekiel Templin
  • Fix for Squeel compatibility - Alexander Borovsky


  • Adds support to create indexes concurrently - Dan McClain
  • Changes using syntax, updates specs - Dan McClain
  • Empty strings are converted to nil by string_to_cidr_address - Dan McClain
  • Replaced .symbolize with .to_sym in arel nodes. - OMCnet Development Team
  • Removes array_contains in favor of a column aware contains - Dan McClain
  • Renames Arel array_overlap to overlap - Dan McClain
  • Merge pull request #67 from jagregory/array_contains Array contains operator support - Dan McClain
  • Update querying doc to include array_contains - James Gregory
  • Array contains operator ( @> ) support - James Gregory
  • how to use SQL to convert string-delimited arrays in docs - Turadg Aleahmad
  • Check if connection responds to #support_extensions? before invoking it - Dirk von Grünigen


  • Fixes issue with visit_Array monkey patch - Dan McClain (@danmcclain)


  • Fixes issue with citext change column calls - Dan McClain (@danmcclain)


  • Introduces extensions to ActiveRecord::Relation.where to simplify Array and INET/CIDR queries - Dan McClain (@danmcclain)
  • Fixes where(:array => [1,2]) to use equailty instead of IN clauses
    • Dan McClain (@danmcclain)
  • Adds Arel predicates for more network comparisons - Patrick Muldoon (@doon)
  • Adds support for citext in migrations/schema.rb - Jonathan Younger (@daikini)
  • Fixes text character encoding for text columns - Andy Monat (@amonat)
  • Cleans up alias_method_chains for better interoperability - Raido Paaslepp (@legendetm)
  • Doc updates - Dan McClain, Caleb Woods (@danmcclain @calebwoods)


  • Performs PostgreSQL version check before attempting to dumpe extensions - Dan McClain (@danmcclain)
  • Fixes issues with schema dumper when indexes have no index_opclass - Mario Visic (@mariovisic)


  • Fixes parsing of number arrays when they are set from a string array - Alexey Noskov (@alno)
  • Cleans up spec organization - Dan McClain (@danmcclain)
  • Adds support for index operator classes (:index_opclass) in migrations and schema dumps - & Dan McClain (@danmcclain)
  • Fixes Arel Nodes created by postgres_ext - Dan McClain (@danmcclain)
  • Add support to schema.rb to export and import extensions - Keenan Brock (@kbrock)
  • Handles PostgreSQL strings when passed in as defaults by fixing the quote method
  • Documentation updates. - Dan McClain & Doug Yun (@danmcclain @duggieawesome)
  • Fixes #update_column calls - Dan McClain (@danmcclain)


  • Fixes #?, Adds (pending) test case for #update_column - Dan McClain (@danmcclain)
  • Fix handing of pgsql arrays for the literal and argument-binding cases - Michael Graff (@skandragon)
  • Fixes UTF-8 strings in string arrays are not returned as UTF-8 encoded strings - Michael Graff (@skandragon)
  • Documentation fixes - Michael Graff (@skandragon) and Dan McClain (@danmcclain)
  • Properly encode strings stored in an array. - Michael Graff (@skandragon)
  • Fixes integer array support - Keenan Brock (@kbrock)
  • Adds more robust index types with add_index options :index_type and :where. - Keenan Brock (@kbrock)


Fixes add and change column


Adds Arel predicate functions for array overlap operator (&&) and INET/CIDR contained within operator (<<)


Lots of array related fixes:

  • Model creation should no longer fail when not assigning a value to an array column
  • Array columns follow database defaults

Migration fix (rn0 and gilltots) Typos in README (bcardarella)

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