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How to contribute

Improve documentation

We are always looking to improve our documentation. If at some moment you are reading the documentation and something is not clear, or you can't find what you are looking for, then please open an issue with the repository. This gives us a chance to answer your question and to improve the documentation if needed.

Pull requests correcting spelling or grammar mistakes are always welcome.

Found a bug?

Please try to answer at least the following questions when reporting a bug:

  • Which version of the project did you use when you noticed the bug?
  • How do you reproduce the error condition?
  • What happened that you think is a bug?
  • What should it do instead?

It would really help the maintainers if you could provide a reduced test case that reproduces the error condition.

Have a feature request?

Please provide some thoughful commentary and code samples on what this feature should do and why it should be added (your use case). The minimal questions you should answer when submitting a feature request should be:

  • What will it allow you to do that you can't do today?
  • Why do you need this feature and how will it benefit other users?
  • Are there any drawbacks to this feature?

Submitting a pull-request?

Here are some things that will increase the chance that your pull-request will get accepted:

  • Did you confirm this fix/feature is something that is needed?
  • Did you write tests, preferably in a test driven style?
  • Did you add documentation for the changes you made?
  • Did you follow our styleguide?

If your pull-request addresses an issue then please add the corresponding issue's number to the description of your pull-request.

How to work with this project locally


First clone this repository:

git clone

Running tests