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+layout: post
+title: "Mike Sager Joins DockYard"
+comments: true
+author: "Brian Cardarella"
+twitter: bcardarella
+github: bcardarella
+category: ember
+social: true
+summary: "Sager!!!!!"
+published: true
+I'm very happy to announce that Mike Sager has joined DockYard! Sager
+and I met while working on The Campaign That Shall Not Be Named (it was
+a very "special" one in MA) we kept in touch on and off after that until
+we recently worked together on a project for the AFL-CIO.
+Sager brings an intimate knowledge of the progressive political tech
+arena. DockYard is already making a great name for itself with political
+tech and NPOs and we're looking forward to the klout that Sager will
+bring to the table.
+While not yet "official" we will soon be opening an office in
+Washington, DC. Sager and Chris Gill will be running this office and we
+are looking to hire Rails developers that have experience building apps
+in politics. [Join us!](
BIN images/mike-sager.png
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