Source Code For the Modern Web Application I am building in my Book
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Source Code for my High Performance Single Page Web Applications book,

The source code has 4 web projects included. The first 3 correlate to chapters 2, 3 and 5 in the book. These chapters concern responsive web design techniques. The largest portion of the source code is the code for the actual demonstration application,

This is an example Single Page Application using the libraries and principles I have learned and created since 2010. My libraries include:

DeepTissue - ToolbarJS - SPAJS - DollarBill - SPAHelper - Backpack - JavaScript Module Reference - PanoramaJS -

The book contains 20 chapters for an estimated 395 pages. The Chapters are as follows:

  1. What is a Modern Web Application?
  2. Create a Modern Web Application Layout
  3. Making A Grid and List of Movie Posters
  4. Adding Touch
  5. Responsible Content Design
  6. Organizing the Application Resources
  7. Create a Self-Instantiating, Extensible JavaScript Module
  8. GoTo The SPA - The Server Side Story
  9. Go to the SPA - The Client-Side Story
  10. Dynamically Load and Cache Data Using AJAX and Browser Storage
  11. Creating Markup Dynamically with JavaScript Templates
  12. Create a Responsive Common Layout and Home View
  13. Make a Movie Detail View
  14. List Movies By Type in the Movies View
  15. Use Geolocation to Find a Theater
  16. Search For Movies
  17. See What Time the Movie Starts - The Theater View
  18. Additional Views
  19. Prepare for Production Using GruntJS
  20. Offlining the Web

The book is $9.99 USD and is currently available only on Amazon. I hope to soon have it available on Barnes and Noble and directly. Sorry no printed copies are in the works.