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# Snakemake RecSearch

This is a Snakemake setup to facilitate Reciprocal Best-Hit searches using my RecSearch package.

## Setup

1. Install `conda`, `bioconda`, and `snakemake` on your computer.
2. Clone this repo.
3. Create and install the conda environment needed for this pipeline using:

```conda env create --name RecSearch --file envs/conda_env.yaml```

4. Activate the environment using `conda activate RecSearch`.

## Data needed prior to use

### Genomes
In order to run the pipeline, you will need at least 2 genomes: at least one or more target genomes,
and a query genome for the reverse search.
You should save these in the `data/genomes` folder.

### 2bit files (Blat only)
If you are planning to use BLAT for the reciprocal searches (currently the only option actually), then you need to
convert the genomes into 2bit files using `faToTwoBit <genome.fa> <2bit.fa>` and save these files in the `data/2bit`

### Port Table Config (Blat only, kinda)
To use BLAT and gfServer/gfClient, you must specify a port for each gfServer. Additionally, various parts of this
pipeline require interconverting between species names and genome assemblies. To facilitate this, a file has been
included named `portTable.csv` in the `data` folder. Various genomes and species have already been included in this
file along with suggested ports. However, feel free to add/move/remove species as necessary.

### Query Files
You should save all query sequences in `data/input`. Note that currently the pipeline assumes a FASTA input sequence
with the extension ".fa".

### SraRunTable (optional)
The Snakefile supports assembling _de novo_ transcriptomes for target genomes using SRA identifiers and the
HISAT2-StringTie pipeline. To use this feature, download an SraRunTable with the SRA identifiers of a species of
interest, and save the file as "Genus_species_SraRunTable.tsv". `Snakemake` will use the info in `data/portTable.csv`
to automatically make transcriptomes for any specified assembly associated with that species.

### Other lines of evidence for Reciprocal Best-Hits (optional)
In addition to performing RBH Searches, this pipeline can intersect the hits with other lines of evidence to validate
the results, and return a list of "evidenced" hits. To do so, simply download the other evidence as either a BED or a
GFF file into either `data/BED` or `data/GFF`, respectively.

## Usage

I highly suggest reading both the (snakemake tutorial)[]
and looking through the different snakefiles in the `rules/` folder to see how to use this script. In general, one
generate all the intersecting lines of evidence for each assembly, and save them to their respective folders first so
that Snakemake can see them and generate an appropriate course of action as a result.


A SnakeMake setup for RecSearch



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