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@@ -3,16 +3,22 @@ jsAtari
An Atari 2600 emulator written in javascript.
+Play it online at: Bring your own ROMS.
+If you're having trouble finding ROMs that will work, I recommend trying Defender:
+I also recommend using Google Chrome, or maybe one of the Firefox Nightly builds.
+* ROM Compatibility is very poor. Only ROMS that are 4k is size will work. And I haven't tested many.
* The CPU is fully implemented (barring some illegal operators) and largely tested.
-* The TIA is largely implemented
- *Graphics are done (Playing Field, Players, Missiles, Ball)
- *Input isn't implemented
- *Collision isn't implemented
-* The PIA (Timers, input) hasn't been started
+* The TIA is fully implemented, including some of the unexpected functionality (i.e. drawing sprites many times per frame).
+* The PIA Is partially implemented
+ * Timers are fully implemented
+ * Basic controls are implemented, but not all of the switches on the console are.
* The emulator is not very efficient yet, running 10-20 FPS, depending on browser. The Atari 2600 runs at 60 FPS. Most of the time is spent on the TIA because the screen must be drawn pixel-by-pixel. Not yet sure how I'm going to be able to drastically improve performance.
@@ -32,9 +38,13 @@ Then put the following commands in a script:
var debugging = false; //Or true, to run with debugging.
var autorun = true; //Or false, to step through each cycle manually
- mmu.__init__("rom.bin", debugging);
+ pia.__init__(debugging);
+ mmu.__init__(debugging);
tia.__init__(document.getElementById("tv"), debugging);
- cpu.start(autorun, debugging);
+ input.__init__(document);
+ mmu.loadRom("rom.bin");
+ cpu.start(autorun, debugging); //Autorun, debugging mode
If running with debugging, autorun should probably be switched off. Debugging includes log writes and a slower drawing method. Firefox will probably freeze if debugging and autorun are both on.

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