Clojure implementation of the docopt language.
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Clojure implementation of the docopt language, version 0.6, under a MIT license.


Add [docopt "0.6.1"] to your dependencies in project.clj, and import docopt.core in your clojure code. This namespace contains the public API:

  • A macro docopt wich takes up to two arguments, a docstring and an args sequence.
    The docstring is optional; if omitted, the macro will try to use the docstring of #'-main. The docstring is parsed at compile-time, and the args are matched at run-time. The args should be a sequence of command-line arguments like those passed to -main or public static void main(String[] args);.

  • A function -docopt which is the run-time equivalent of the docopt macro provided for Java interoperability.

  • A function parse which takes a docstring as argument and returns all the information extracted from it. This function is called by both docopt and -docopt.

Example - Clojure

(ns example.core
  (:use [docopt.core :only [docopt]]) ; import the docopt macro from docopt.core
(defn #^{:doc "Naval Fate.

  naval_fate ship new <name>...
  naval_fate ship <name> move <x> <y> [--speed=<kn>]
  naval_fate ship shoot <x> <y>
  naval_fate mine (set|remove) <x> <y> [--moored|--drifting]
  naval_fate -h | --help
  naval_fate --version

  -h --help     Show this screen.
  --version     Show version.
  --speed=<kn>  Speed in knots [default: 10].
  --moored      Moored (anchored) mine.
  --drifting    Drifting mine."
:version "Naval Fate, version 1.2.3." }
  -main [& args]
  (let [arg-map (docopt args)] ; with only one argument, docopt parses -main's docstring.
      (or (nil? arg-map)
          (arg-map "--help")) (println (:doc     (meta #'-main)))
      (arg-map "--version")   (println (:version (meta #'-main)))
      (arg-map "mine")        (println (if (arg-map "set") "Set" "Remove") 
                                         (arg-map "--moored")   "moored" 
                                         (arg-map "--drifting") "drifting")
                                       "mine at (" (arg-map "<x>") ", " (arg-map "<y>") ").")
      (arg-map "new")         (println "Create new" 
                                       (let [[name & more-names :as names] (arg-map "<name>")]
                                         (if (seq more-names) 
                                           (str "ships " (clojure.string/join ", " names))
                                           (str "ship " name)))
      (arg-map "shoot")       (println "Shoot at (" (arg-map "<x>") "," (arg-map "<y>") ").")
      (arg-map "move")        (println "Move" (first (arg-map "<name>")) 
                                       "to (" (arg-map "<x>") "," (arg-map "<y>")
                                       (if-let [speed (arg-map "--speed")]
                                         (str " ) at " speed " knots.")
                                         " )."))
      true                    (throw (Exception. "This ought to never happen.\n")))))

Example - Java interoperability

Assuming you're using Maven, update your pom.xml by adding a child to its repositories node


and to its dependencies node.


Import org.docopt.clj in your code and call the static method clj.docopt(String, String[]); which returns a AbstractMap<String, Object>.

import java.util.AbstractMap;
import org.docopt.clj;

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    String docstring = "Usage: prog [options]\n\nOptions:\n-h, --help  Print help.";
    AbstractMap<String, Object> result = clj.docopt(docstring, args);
    if (result.get("--help").toString() == "true") {
    else {
      System.out.println("You don't need help.");


Run lein test to validate all tests. The tests are automatically downloaded from the language-agnostic testcases.docopt file in the reference implementation, master branch commit 511d1c57b5. Please feel free to (re)open an issue in case this implementation falls behind.