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Clarify when positional argument is treated as list.

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keleshev committed Jun 23, 2012
1 parent ff11abf commit 84abe40e9b008d1c9fa50b11a92e0a3fadb905c5
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@@ -239,7 +239,9 @@ Use the following constructs to specify patterns:
If your usage patterns allow to match the same-named argument several times,
parser will put the matched values into a list, e.g. in case the pattern is
` FILE FILE` then `args['FILE']` will be a list; in case the
-pattern is ` FILE...` it will also be a list.
+pattern is ` FILE...` it will also be a list. Note, even if
+there is another pattern ` --foo FILE` with only one argument,
+the return value will still be a list.
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