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Better error reporting for invalid combinations #57

sk-havok opened this Issue · 5 comments

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If you add an invalid flag (such as --drifting) to the default command line at,
there is no error message as such, just a usage message.

Docopt could do better here, perhaps by reporting which thing it was trying to match at the time and the invalid part.


Agree. That is definitely a TODO. And should be quite easy—docopt knows which elements it didn't match ("left" elements).


@halst What errors do you think can occur while parsing the usage message? For example, should it complain when it fails to find "usage:"? or when program name is not consistent in different usage lines?


@johari yes, something like this. Python version already complains if there is no "usage:" or if there is more than one "usage:".

When we switch to the new grammar (#104) we will be able to report syntax errors as well.


On the same topic, I think the "Unrecognized option" primitive should be extended to commands and arguments.
Wouldn't it be nice too to make a choice about the -h, --help option?
Right now, this option is valid but does not appear in the command line if programmer didn't write it.
Don't you think it's a bit obscure and docopt should either automatically add this option or do not provide it at all if the user didn't write it down?


@benoistlaurent agree, this is on my todo-list. Next release will be non-backwards-compatible, so this change should be fine.

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