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git example doesn't work #96

benoitc opened this Issue Feb 22, 2013 · 3 comments

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benoitc commented Feb 22, 2013

when I try the example i get the following error:

$ ./ -c a=b add
'a=b' is not a command. See 'git help'.

Also when I try with the same help documentation usage string I get the following result:

{"--bare": false,
 "--exec-path": null,
 "--git-dir": null,
 "--help": false,
 "--html-path": false,
 "--no-pager": false,
 "--no-replace-objects": false,
 "--paginate": false,
 "--version": false,
 "--work-tree": null,
 "-c": true,
 "-p": false,
 "<args>": ["a=b",
 "<command>": "git",
 "name=value": false} 
docopt member

the "try docopt" version is an older version, without support for options_first=True.

The problem lies, as I can see that docopt thinks that -c does not take an argument.

benoitc commented Feb 22, 2013

yes on another ex even with option_first=True i have such result as well insteadead of having key=value

docopt member

I see now, the option is stated as [-c name=value] and not described anywhere else. That means that docopt does not know that name=value is an argument to the -c options. To catch that it needs:

usage: git [--version] [--exec-path[=<path>]] [--html-path] [--man-path] [--info-path]
           [-p|--paginate|--no-pager] [--no-replace-objects] [--bare]
           [--git-dir=<path>] [--work-tree=<path>] [--namespace=<name>]
           [-c name=value] [--help]
           <command> [<args>]

  -c name=value

That will fix it. I will commit that later. Thanks for noting. There could be a couple of bugs in git examples like that.

@keleshev keleshev closed this in dc4b7d0 Mar 5, 2013
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