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Shell interpreter for docopt, the command-line interface description language.
Python Shell
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Docopts is a shell interpreter for the docopt command line interface description
language, designed to simplify the task of argument parsing in shell scripts.

Execute the following command in the release directory to install docopts for
all users::

    python install

If you only wish to install docopts for yourself, use::

    python install --user

Running docopts
Docopts reads a command line interface description from standard input and uses
it to parse the arguments passed to it.  If successful, the parsed arguments
are stored in a temporary directory and its location is written to standard
output.  Docopts is commonly invoked as follows:

    args=$(echo "$help" | docopts "$@")

For details, see the man page.

The docopts version number always matches that of the docopt Python reference
implementation version against which it was built.  As docopt follows semantic
versioning, docopts should work with any docopt release it shares the major
version number with; however, as both  docopts and docopt are in major version
number 0 at the moment, docopts can only be relied to work with an installation
of docopt with the exact same version number.
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