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# Export Plugin
module.exports = (BasePlugin) ->
# Define Plugin
class CleancssPlugin extends BasePlugin
# Name
name: 'cleancss'
# Configuration
keepSpecialComments: '*'
keepBreaks: false
benchmark: false
processImport: true
rebase: true
advanced: false
debug: false
# Disabled on development environments by default.
enabled: false
# Write After
writeAfter: (opts, next) ->
# Import
CleanCSS = require('clean-css')
{TaskGroup} = require('taskgroup')
# Prepare
plugin = @
config = @getConfig()
docpad = @docpad
docpadConfig = docpad.getConfig()
# Create the task group to handle multiple Browserify files.
tasks = new TaskGroup(concurrency:0).done(next)
# Create a new task for each Browserify files.
opts.collection.findAll({cleancss: $exists: true}).each (file) ->
# Skip the file when the option is explicitly false
return if file.get('cleancss') is false
tasks.addTask (complete) ->
# Extract opts
content = file.get('contentRendered')
filePath = file.getPath()
cleanOpts = file.get('cleancss')
cleanOpts = {} if cleanOpts is true
cleanOpts.relativeTo = file.get('outDirPath')
cleanOpts.root = docpadConfig.outPath
# Update references other
if cleanOpts.processImport and content.indexOf('@import') isnt -1
file.setMetaDefaults('referencesOthers': true)
# Extend the file's opts with our default plugin opts
for own key, value of config.cleancssOpts
cleanOpts[key] ?= value
# Perform the render
new CleanCSS(cleanOpts).minify content, (errors, result) ->
# Check for errors
if result.errors?.length
err = new Error(
"The following errors occured cleaning the css file: #{filePath}\n"+
(error.stack for error in result.errors).join('\n\n')
return complete(err)
# Check for warnings
if result.warnings?.length
warn = new Error(
"The following warnings occured cleaning the css file: #{filePath}\n"+
# Update the out content for the document
contentRendered: result.styles
contentRenderedWithoutLayouts: result.styles
# Update the out content for the file
file.action('write', complete)
# Execute all of the created tasks.
# Chain
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