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v1.3.3 2018 October 1

  • The create test is now a suite of tests, so that its workings are illuminated

v1.3.2 2018 October 1

  • Fix ReferenceError: Symbol is not defined on legacy node versions

v1.3.1 2018 September 28

  • More reliable test detection

v1.3.0 2018 September 28

  • Properly enable support for custom plugin testers
    • PluginTester.test now works for inherited classes
    • PluginTester::test now defaults the joe-reporter, rather than having it done in the docpad-plugintester executable
  • Support testing specific editions via docpad-plugintester edition=name

v1.2.1 2018 September 8

v1.2.0 2018 September 8

  • Removed DocPad v6.82 deprecations
  • testCreate no longer runs the init action, now it only does clean and install

v1.1.1 2018 August 20

  • Add notice of removal of the testerClass property (lowecase t) and do not treat it as the new TesterClass property (uppercase T)

v1.1.0 2018 August 20

  • Eliminated testerPath for TesterClass
  • Eliminated the need for the pluginname.test.js file if only defaults were used
    • Instead, you can now replace it with the docpad-plugintester executable
  • Eliminated the need for the earlier premade custom tester classes (server tester, and render tester)

v1.0.0 2018 August 20

  • Abstracted out from DocPad v6.80.9 and converted to esnext