Add action time span in debug mode #322

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Currently, most of the log informations appear in pair, a starting mention and a finishing one.
Examples :

  • Parsing everything / Parsed everything
  • Loading 42 files / Loaded 42 files

This is a great to find the boundaries of a given action ! Thanks.
But between those two indications, huge amount of lines could be detailed in the output. Timestamps are available but when an action is finished after processing hundreds of documents it's hard to find the corresponding starting info.

I'll be glad if the message could be enhance like this :

  • Parsing everything / Parsed everything in 00:00:01.451
  • Loading 42 files / Loaded 42 files in 00:03:43.178

At the moment I'm experiencing global generation time up to 13 minutes (arggg) so it will be really helpful to find which actions are the biggest bottlenecks to optimize the all process.

@balupton balupton closed this Nov 28, 2013
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