What is the most impactful thing currently missing from DocPad? #415

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balupton commented Feb 4, 2013

Just as an experiment, what is the one feature/fix/documentation/whatever that is currently missing from DocPad that would bring the most impact to your life/business/work/whatever?

DjebbZ commented Feb 4, 2013

A build process for assets (js/css/images). Using Grunt for example.


balupton commented Feb 4, 2013

@DjebbZ there's https://gist.github.com/3898915 for that! Is that what you're after?

DjebbZ commented Feb 4, 2013

Yes. Having a real plugin or documentation for this snippet would be great. Thanks for the pointer !

khrome83 commented Feb 5, 2013

Documentation needs to be improved across all plugins. I am about to post some issues I had to help improve there quality.

As far as new feature, the ability to create filter pages. I see it working SIMILAR to paged, but different.

The way I see it a site should be able to generate tags per document.
A unique list of tags would be used to generate a page for each, that filters the collection by the desired tag.
This allows users to click "apple" and see all documents that used "apple" as a Tag

I was thinking about how to tackle this myself, and thought that a layout would be set that would loop through the returned collection. Whatever page was generated would build a collection per a single tag. There would be 1 page generated for each unique tag across the whole site.

I would suggest there is also a param to determine where to drop these "tags" (/tags/) folder for example.

Ideally this would support clean URLs so apple would like to /tags/apple

A helper function would return the link, that users could apply to each tag in there tag cloud / list / block.


I don't know if I am going to have the time to work on this, but this was one thing I was considering.

khrome83 commented Feb 5, 2013

I was also considering writing a plugin to enable TypeScript.



balupton commented Feb 5, 2013

@DjebbZ cool, well post your suggestions on that gist, I'm sure someone will get to it when they can :)

@khrome83 definitely, creating document's dynamically generation is very important to me and is my current focus. The nativecomments and tumblr plugins showcase this, but right now they are quite experimental. I'd hope to get this done by the 18th, but we will see how time progresses :) But yeah, your plugin suggestion is quite nice - I think somewhere we may have a request for that somewhere in this issue tracker, but yeah would be a nice plugin to see and will be possible soon enough.


ashnur commented Feb 6, 2013

There are some parts of DocPad where the documentation could be improved by a lot. Like query-engine or bal-util. Maybe there are more, but the first is very scarce, demo is buggy iirc, and bal-util docs are just missing.

Having said that I think DocPad as a static page generator is done. I do not think, that it should be improved more in this direction, I think it's already perfect. Maybe adding source files programmatically could be improved, but that's actually just a convenience thing, which one can live with.

I can already setup a full website anywhere in minutes, with the best tools I can think of. Developing simple websites with DocPad is already extremely convenient and fast.

“Why is it necessary to spend six billion pounds speeding up the Eurostar train when, for a about 10 percent of that money, you could have top supermodels, male and female, serving free Chateau Petrus to all the passengers for the entire duration of the journey? You’d still have 5 billion left in change, and people would ask for the trains to be slowed down.” ― Rory Sutherland

So if you ask me what is the most "impactful" thing missing, I would say that I would like to have a DocPad which uses some speedy database to store the information about source documents, updates this documents when source files change, and has routes to this database to handle queries. Has a Users Management API with Authentication, and a Content Management API.

I am thinking of fast live queries in thousands of documents. Skipping the lengthy generation time for sites where there are hundreds of documents. Maybe it's too much, maybe this is not something you want from DocPad.

Docpad is already functional complete. More documents, more tests, fewer bugs for docpad & plugins. That's what I want.

quesada commented Feb 6, 2013

I agree that functionality-wise it's mostly done. Having said that, my
interest in docpad has gone down a lot. I'm more interested in learning
frameworks to do whole apps, such as angularjs. The live editing, while
nice, I can do now with intelliJ idea/webstorm.

- Jose


On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 2:35 PM, Jianwei Han notifications@github.comwrote:

Docpad is already functional complete. More documents, more tests, fewer
bugs for docpad & plugins. That's what I want.

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHubhttps://github.com/bevry/docpad/issues/415#issuecomment-13181940.

DjebbZ commented Feb 7, 2013

The other feature killer-feature I'm missing is a GUI. Having an admin gui for managing content automatically generated based on models and configuration, like the admin in Django (Python) or Symfony (PHP) would be awesome. It would allow me to safely give DocPad to clients. I know it's not a simple plugin but almost a whole project of its own, but it would place DocPad above all others static site generators.

Syndication feed support eg. atom + RSS (or did I miss something?)


balupton commented Feb 13, 2013

@stevoland sure! now if you mean creating a feed for your website, that's as easy as doing a content listing inside your feed file - example here: https://github.com/balupton/balupton.docpad/blob/master/src/documents/atom.xml.eco

if you mean importing feeds from other websites into your website, e.g. a twitter feed in the sidebar, see the feedr plugin

@balupton Aha! Thanks. I couldn't find any docpad sites that implemented it. Great - I'll definitely give docpad a spin soon. Looks great.

segalr3 commented Feb 17, 2013


  1. Admin Plugin
  2. Localization

Any progress with the above?
Great work so far!

+1 to segalr3.
a simple module to make forms on the front end (aka contact form)


mikeumus commented Apr 17, 2014

Closing. Discussions like this are now best handled by our daily catchups: bevry/meta#1

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