Failed to generate site "Currently on renderFiles at 99%" #433

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node v0.8.19  <-- same thing happened with 0.8.18
npm 1.2.10
docpad 6.18.0
OSX 10.7.5

Project Code

What I did:

either docpad run or docpad generate --env static

What I expected:

when using docpad run to have the site rendered on the browser
when using docpad generate --env static to see the files of the generated site

What happened:

both ways (dynamic / static), docpad kept telling me this, and nothing changed in the output directory..

info: Currently on renderFiles at 99%

balupton commented Feb 16, 2013

Hey mate, please run docpad run -d and post the output in a gist. That will contain a lot more info for us to debug with :) Not able to check out the repo as our wifi her over the next few days is very dodgy.

here you go gist log


balupton commented Feb 16, 2013

Thanks for that. What happens when you upgrade to the latest version of DocPad?

to be honest, i don't know how to upgrade to the latest version..
for example I get this in terminal

notice: There's a new version of DocPad available, you should probably upgrade...
current version:          6.18.0
new version:              6.21.10
upgrade instructions:

but I can't find any information on the upgrade page on how to upgrade from v6.x

also re-installing via npm did not help, as it will install the same version again 6.18.0

just updated to version 6.21 and the problem stills..
didn't know I have to run sudo npm install -fg docpad@6.21 to update..

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@anasnakawa anasnakawa reopened this Feb 16, 2013

problem solved once I re-created the project, looks like i was missing up with package.json file

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@balupton balupton reopened this Mar 4, 2013


balupton commented Mar 4, 2013

DocPad should not do this regardless of package.json or not. Will leave open until we can find a fix within DocPad.


balupton commented Apr 24, 2013

v6.30.5 will create the packge.json file with the no skeleton option, considering that a good enough fix :)

@balupton balupton closed this Apr 24, 2013

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