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setMetaDefaults doesn't work on the "write" document property #434

iandoe opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hello, i am currently trying to only render the index.html page in every of my directory, so by default set everything to write: false and set write: true manually only on the index files (the other files are fed to the index page via a for loop, so i don't need them in my final output directory), so i followed the example in the beginner guide and modified it this way:

          pages: ->
              @getCollection("html").findAllLive({isPage:true}).on "add", (model) ->
                  model.setMetaDefaults({ write: false })

But this isn't working and every file is getting written to the out/ directory.

Setting write:false manually does work tho. Any help ?

Docpad 6.21.10
npm 1.2.10
node v0.8.16

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Definitely sounds like a bug, for the meantime can you try model.setMeta({ write: false }) - does that work?


@balupton I have exactly the same problem as @iandoe, although I can set other default meta values, for example, I'm using:

features: ->
    @getCollection("html").findAllLive({relativeOutDirPath: '_features'}).on "add", (model) ->
        model.setMeta({write: false})
        model.setMetaDefaults({menuHidden: true})

...which works fine. So thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not sure why and when to use setMeta instead of setMetaDefaults otherwise.


May be fixed in v6.46.3

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