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docpad fails to generate files for large size websites #446

segalr3 opened this Issue · 9 comments

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docpad version = 6.21.10
node version = v0.8.18
npm version = 1.2.7
Ubuntu 12.04

What i did:

I have a website with many languages, which i am migrating to docpad.
First i tried to generate for 2 languages, all was generated fine.
Then i copied the rest of the languages folders to the documents directory and tried to generate again.

what happend:

I actually hit the nodejs memory limit:

"FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_2 Allocation failed - process out of memory"

no files were created in the out directory.

Please advise

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I used a few partials in my layouts, after removing the partials, docpad managed to generate all the files.
So the issue is having partials and lots of documents...


Ref #276


Researching static site generators and noticed this issue. Out of curiosity @segalr3, would you happen to remember how many was a lot? Hundreds, thousands or millions?

I'm not seeing any limitations or guidelines related to this mentioned in the docs.


Hey Gang, @dorajistyle just posted this as example of handling many files with DocPad:
(in this pull-req: docpad/documentation#147)

Check it out, hope it helps. :smiley::+1:


I sent pull request to jekyll-import but not merged yet.

You can download importer 'blogger_docpad.rb' below:


This is good info, but I'll be needing thousands of pages. Maybe add a limitations section in the docs with this info? This is a pretty big one IMO.


The raw plugin solves this if most of your files are static files. However, if they are documents, it gets more interesting.

Moving the discussion here:

@balupton balupton closed this
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