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Docpad Generate Bug #482

zenorocha opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hey guys,

I've tried to run docpad generate --env static on Windows 7 using project and after "renderFiles" process I got this error:

error: An error occured: Object #<DocumentModel> has no method 'getOutContent'
TypeError: Object #<DocumentModel> has no method 'getOutContent


Do you have an idea on how to solve it?


Is all the versions the latest? Seems that it is a new plugin version using an old docpad version?


I've tried to update docpad on Mac and Windows by running npm install -g docpad and seems like some dependencies are broken.

Here's my npm-debug.log.


Thanks for that. We've had issues like that before. Can you try updating your npm version (you're currently on v1.1.49, latest is v1.2)

Update it with: npm install -g npm

You can always downgrade back to your old version by using: npm install -g npm@1.1.49

It could also be a problem with your particular version of node as well (you're on 0.8.7, the latest 0.8 version is v0.8.23, we're also on v0.10.3 on the 0.10 version) - often node will have bugs that will cause dependencies to fail to install.

Let me know how it goes, if you still have issue, happy to remote in sometime and debug (will take about 10 minutes).


Oh, it was the NPM version. Thanks a lot @balupton :)

@zenorocha zenorocha closed this
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