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I have decided to rewrite a Jekyll website to Docpad, because of easier installation on Windows. Here is the code:

Unfortunately, docpad run and docpad generate won't copy most of the .md and .html files from src/documents/* directories. It doesn't work on both Linux and Windows. For example, in "oszkole" only statut.html gets copied.

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?


balupton commented Dec 19, 2013

Can everyone try again with v6.59.0. I think I've found the issue. Will re-open if still not resolved.

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@balupton balupton added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 19, 2013

@balupton balupton v6.59.0. Bugfix.
- v6.59.0 December 19, 2013
	- Removed the previously deprecated `ensureFile`, `ensureDocument`, `ensureModel`/`ensureFileOrDocument` methods, use `addFile`, `addDocument`, and `addModel` instead
	- Improved watching, should hopefully fix [#738](#738), [#742](#742), [#739](#739)
	- Updated dependencies

The issue has not been fixed. In 6.59.2 the result is the same.

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balupton commented Dec 19, 2013

Will look into this in 12 hours :)


balupton commented Dec 19, 2013

Looked into it. The problem is that the meta data headers have:

id: "about"

Inside them. This means that when DocPad (or rather Backbone.js) goes to inject the document into the database, it finds that there is already a document with that ID inside the database, so it doesn't inject it.

You will need to rename that id attribute to something else.

I will add a warning about this to future versions of DocPad.


balupton commented Dec 20, 2013

I've published v6.59.4 with the warning. It will also ignore setting the id attribute, to ensure the files to generate in the meantime.

balupton closed this Dec 20, 2013

@balupton balupton added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 20, 2013

@balupton balupton v6.59.4. Bugfix.
- v6.59.4 December 20, 2013
	- Added a warning when trying to set the `id` attribute manually
		- Thanks to [Piotr Zduniak]( for [issue
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