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Dutch locale / language file for DocPad #424

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Yeah. I was bored and it wouldn't take me too long. Needed something to finish :hamster:

I see I'm teh first one to translate too ^^ fipo

balupton and others added some commits
@balupton balupton Working fine now with the balupton.docpad website. Need to do some mo…
…re thorough testing.
@balupton balupton Scripts, Styles and Meta blocks are now going. Watching is fixed. Wat…
…ching is added for configPath. Added configurable collections. Added include to templateData.
@balupton balupton Some bugfixes, all working great now on the website.docpad skeleton. b021665
@balupton balupton Fixed an error if docpad.cson is not present. Added a basic changelog. 02cfa03
@balupton balupton Added version number to install instructions. 6a9e9e9
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'somedocs' into 5.x 661f241
@balupton balupton v5.2.1. Important bug fixes. Some improvements.
- v5.2.1 May 8, 2012
	- Fixed a complication that prevents `src/public` from being written
to `out`
		- Added automated regression tests to ensure this will never happen
	- Added `documentsPaths`, `filesPaths`, and `layoutsPaths`
configuration variables
	- Simplified model code
	- Cleaned up some async code
@balupton balupton Got rid direct access to certain templateData objects, in favour of h…
…elper functions. Allows us to do more intelligent things.
@balupton balupton Fixed #208 - file extensions being trimmed 7189e0d
@balupton balupton Fixed #205 - Name collisions are causing not all files to be copied 0c4ca81
@balupton balupton Removed the compiled lib directory from the git repo 8ca8312
@balupton balupton v5.2.2. Bug fixes.
- v5.2.2 May 17, 2012
	- Fixed [#208](docpad#208) - Multiple
file extensions being trimmed
	- Fixed [#205](docpad#205) - Name
collisions are causing not all files to be copied
	- Changed file `id` to default to the `relativePath` instead of the
	- Finding layouts now uses `id: $startsWith: layoutId` instead of `id:
@balupton balupton Removing the lib dir broke travis. This commit will make travis compi…
…le before running the tests.
@balupton balupton v5.2.3. Usability improvement and performance improvement.
- v5.2.3 May 18, 2012
	- DocPad will no longer try and use a skeleton inside a non-empty
	- DocPad will now only include the CoffeeScript runtime if needed (for
loading CoffeeScript plugins)
@balupton balupton v5.2.4. Bugfixes.
- v5.2.4 May 18, 2012
	- Upgraded chai dev dependency from 0.5.x to 1.0.x
	- Fixed a dereferencing issue
	- Plugin testers will now run the `install` and `clean` actions when
creating the DocPad instance
@balupton balupton v5.2.5. Fixed layout selection when two layout's share similar names.…
… Closes #227

- v5.2.5 May 18, 2012
	- Fixed layout selection when two layout's share similar names -
Closes [#227](docpad#227)
@balupton balupton Merged with 5.x - pulls in the recent 5.2.x changes 413a5ae
@balupton balupton Tests now passing. Added notes to the changelog about what has changed. 698b475
@balupton balupton diffrender prototyping 38ee07e
@balupton balupton Most of the rewrite is now done. Now just need to get it working. b56bd11
@balupton balupton Booyeah. Tests are now passing with the rewrite. Now need to test wat…
…ching and the docpad-extras tests
@balupton balupton Extensible CLI. Testing improvements. Minor changes.
- Made next necessary in most instances (to help with debugging)
- Improving testing, so plugins can now have their own testing interface
- EnsureDocumentOrFile will now create the correct one depend ending on
their path
- Added extensible CLI by providing the commander instance and console
interface through the consoleSetup event
@balupton balupton v6.0.0. Woohoo!!!
- v6.0.0 June 11, 2012
	- Breaking changes that may affect you
		- Removed `documentsPath`, `filesPath`, `layoutsPath` configuration
options for their array based alternatives `documentsPaths`,
`filesPaths`, `layoutsPaths`
		- Removed `require` from `templateData` as it needs to be specified
in your project otherwise it has the wrong paths
		- Removed `database`, `collections`, `blocks` from `templateData` for
their helper based alternatives `getDatabase()`,
`getCollection('collectionName')`, `getBlock('blockName')`
		- Removed `String::startsWith`, `String::finsihesWith`,
`Array::hasCount`, `Array::has` as we never used them
		- Removed `DocPad::documents` and `templateData.documents`, now use
	- New features
		- Differential rendering
		- Extendable CLI
		- Template helpers
	- Other changes
		- Better error handling
		- Moved to Joe for unit testing
@balupton balupton Removed 0.7 support, as express is not yet compatible 76a555b
@balupton balupton v6.0.1. Fixed plugin generation tests
- v6.0.1 June 11, 2012
	- Fixed plugin generation tests
@balupton balupton v6.0.2. Now fetches the DocPad v6 exchange file
- v6.0.2 June 11, 2012
	- Now fetches the DocPad v6 exchange file
@balupton balupton v6.0.3. Bugfix when using custom server.
- v6.0.3 June 19, 2012
	- Fixed `server` action when used in combination with a custom server
@balupton balupton v6.0.4. Fixed skeleton action 2f807a8
@balupton balupton v6.0.5. Updated QueryEngine. Watching bugfixes. 9b2a8eb
@balupton balupton v6.0.6. Bugfixes.
- v6.0.6 June 19, 2012
	- Greatly simplified the event architecture
		- We now inherit from the simpler `balUtil.EventEmitterEnhanced`
instead of `balUtil.EventSystem`, and have moved queue code into
`balUtil.Group` as `docpadInstance.getRunner()`
		- Actions when called directly do not queue, they only queue when
called through `docpadInstance.action`
	- `docpadinstance.loadConfiguration` is now an action called `load`
	- Fixed the run action not completing due to a missing callback
@acusti acusti Though I do love adding some twitter steam to my websites (particular…
…ly effective for increasing your FFAs’ pagerank with GYM without needing PFI), I suppose in this context, the intended word is “stream”.
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #243 from acusti/patch-1
Tiny typo fix
@balupton balupton v6.0.7. When watching files, and you modify a layout, docpad will now…
… re-render anything using that layout - closes #242

- v6.0.7 June 20, 2012
	- When watching files, and you modify a layout, docpad will now
re-render anything using that layout - closes #242
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' of f694033
@balupton balupton v6.0.8. Configuration, event and server improvements.
- v6.0.8 June 21, 2012
	- Configuration changes
		- DocPad now checks the following paths for a configuration file
`docpad.js`, ``, `docpad.json`, `docpad.cson`, and will go
with whichever one it finds first
			- If you use `coffee` or `js` extensions, remember to prefix your
file with `module.exports =`
		- Fixed instance configuration not always coming first
		- Removed `configPath` configuration option. Use the array based
`configPaths` instead.
		- `rootPath` and `configPaths` will now be properly respected if
specified in your `package.json` file under the `docpad` property
		- Configuration files can now bind event handlers using the `events`
	- Event changes
		- Completion callbacks are now optional for event listeners, if
omitted event listener will be treated as synchronous
		- Added new `docpadReady` event that fires once docpad has finished
initialising and loading its configuration, will provide the opts
`{docpad}` where `docpad` is the docpad instance
	- Server changes
		- If a document has multiple urls, and it is accessed on the non
primary url, we will 301 (permanent) redirect to the primary url
	- Dependency updates
		- [CSON]( from v1.0 to v1.1
		- [bal-util]( from v1.8 to v1.9
@balupton balupton Damn you travis\! 8999a6c
@balupton balupton travis bf6b0d3
@balupton balupton travis travis 8b94baf
@balupton balupton travis travis travis 9e1c15e
@balupton balupton travis travis travis travis d975de3
@balupton balupton Lots of small fixes and improvements. 3ddeb4b
@balupton balupton v6.0.9. Many minor fixes and improvements.
- v6.0.9 June 22, 2012
	- Many minor fixes and improvements
	- Available DocPad events are now exposed through
	- DocPad configuration is now exposed through
	- Removed `DocPad::getActionArgs` in favor of
	- Configuration events now have a context that persists and do not
pile up if configuration is reloaded
	- DocPad constructor now returns `err` and `docpadInstance` to the
completion callback if it exists
	- Fixed a problem with grouped actions not completing under some
	- Will now watch configuration files for changes, if a change is
detected, regenerate everything
	- Cleaned up the server action a bit
	- Added a new `serverExtend` event so listeners can now extend the
server before the docpad routes are applied
	- Dependency updates
		- [Watchr]( from v2.0 to v2.1
@balupton balupton v6.0.10. Fixed CLI on certain setups
- v6.0.10 June 22, 2012
	- Fixed CLI on certain setups
@balupton balupton v6.0.11. Skeleton installation improvements.
- v6.0.11 June 24, 2012
	- We now output that we are actually installing the skeleton, rather
than just doing nothing
	- We now also always output the skeleton clone and installation
progress to the user
	- Skeletons are now a backbone collection
@balupton balupton Update master 3d0e929
@balupton balupton Updated docpad for bal-util modules change 5b91afb
@balupton balupton v6.0.12. More robust node and git path handling.
- v6.0.12 June 26, 2012
	- More robust node and git path handling
	- Dependency updates
		- [bal-util]( from v1.9 to v1.10
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' of 1216561
@balupton balupton v6.0.13. Added `getFileModel`, `getFileUrl`, `getFile` template helpers
- v6.0.13 June 27, 2012
	- Added `getFileModel`, `getFileUrl`, `getFile` template helpers
@balupton balupton v6.0.14. Configuration variables `documentPaths`, `filesPaths`, and `…
…layoutsPaths` are now relative to the `srcPath` instead of the `rootPath`

- v6.0.14 June 27, 2012
	- Configuration variables `documentPaths`, `filesPaths`, and
`layoutsPaths` are now relative to the `srcPath` instead of the
		- `pluginsPaths` is still relative to the `rootPath`
ncrohn Added flag for custom error pages 085aff2
@balupton balupton Cleaned old events. Removed deprecated Plugin::logger 8a576c2
ncrohn Movde errors plugin to core docpad code 7725305
ncrohn Re-added custom flag - defaults to false 24a255c
@balupton balupton nearly there, new text rendering in place, however having issues with…
… layouts
@balupton balupton fixed the layouts problem 09cae0d
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'dev' of into dev 8fb54e5
@balupton balupton Fixed some stray path exists in the plugin loader a36172f
@balupton balupton Now uses balUtil for typeof and instanceof checks. Updated CSON to 1.…
…2.x and balUtil to 1.12.x.
@balupton balupton Some code review, and updated the history file for v6.1.0 750ada7
@balupton balupton Added html collection and updated chai dependency 6650d71
@balupton balupton Fixed DocPad::getBlock 5b7a7ad
@balupton balupton Updated install intructions for DocPad 6.1 23b4ef5
@balupton balupton Fixed extendTemplatedata event firing before our plugins have finishe…
…d loading.
@balupton balupton Added API wiki page to readme, and worked around IRC chat room link n…
…ot working
@balupton balupton readme update 01cde1f
ncrohn Updated to pull only 404 and 500 with using docpad internals 09de510
@balupton balupton Prepping next release
Dropped mode 0.4 support. Cleaned up the console interface code. Added
a new server bin. Added env detection. Added extendCollections event.
Renamed options for the consuleSetup event. Created new main file that
will load in DocPad etc.
@balupton balupton Introducing environments. Not yet ready. 62b13cb
@balupton balupton more env stuff 8e2c248
@balupton balupton Got env config going. Cleaned up templateData and config loading. Rem…
…oved NPM dependency.
@balupton balupton Nearly there. Skeleton clone servers are returning dodgy results for …
@balupton balupton Removed debug code d723598
@balupton balupton Bumped DocPad version in readme, changed growl download link to the d…
…ownload page
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' of 2cadc56
@balupton balupton Added support for multiple environments. Need to test with some plugins badb2f8
@balupton balupton Added environment config to plugins. Need to remove CLI command from …
…the CLI.
@balupton balupton Got so far. Yet realised, we need docpad to emit the consoleSetup eve…
…nt! All over, will need to revert some of these changes.
@balupton balupton Redid the loading architecture. Now split into loading and ready. Cre…
…ation of collections moved to load. Still needs work.
@balupton balupton Got recent changes working. Added new populateCollections and docpadL…
…oaded events
@balupton balupton Bumped the version to 6.3.0 8aae228
@balupton balupton Improvements and fixes. Now stable.
- Improved the generate result tests
- Added support for overriding the extension property in document meta
- Added support for renderSingleExtensions attribute for documents
- Plugin events won't fire if they are disabled
- Plugin attributes will be cleared to their default values
- Fixed the CLI
- Top-level config now assumed to be the production env
@balupton balupton History readme updates c1c2e1d
@balupton balupton v6.3.1. Bugfix. 9e21be7
@balupton balupton v6.3.2. Fixed the install action 92bb243
@balupton balupton v6.3.3. Bugfix.
- v6.3.3 July 18, 2012
	- Fixed binary file output
		- Added binary files to the test suite so this won't happen again
		- Was due to the dereference on the new clear introduced in v6.3.0
			- As such, we now store the `data` attribute for files outside of
the attributes, use `getData` and `setData(data)` now instead of
`get('data')` and `set({data:data})`
@balupton balupton Merge remote-tracking branch 'ncrohn/master' into dev 469651c
@balupton balupton Pulled #251, Fixed #269, #268
We now only clear the meta attributes from the document attributes on a
new parse. Instead of clearing everything. Other parsing optimisations
were also made.

File IDs are now also the relativePath instead of the relativeBase to
avoid collisions.
@balupton balupton Fixed error page fetching, added new file attributes.
New file attributes are:
- relativeOutPath
- relativeOutDirPath
@balupton balupton Fixed relativeOutDirPath, updated tests fb9b88b
@balupton balupton Working on `docpad render` tests de5d015
@balupton balupton Fixed render command and added render tests
Was due to the data attribute abstraction out into a instance property
instead. The instances were still being created with it being sent as
an attribute, so we handle this now in the constructor.
@balupton balupton Bumped version to v6.4.0. Added contributor listing to readme e4b7bdc
@balupton balupton Special thanks before license 435f43a
@balupton balupton special thanks after license bd7c0be
@balupton balupton typo 9035e4e
@balupton balupton Update special thanks 4c3a16d
@balupton balupton read me updates 15f398e
@balupton balupton Updated history for v6.4.0 5f57645
@balupton balupton v6.4.1. Added new source attribute to the file model.
- v6.4.1 July 19, 2012
	- Added new `source` attribute to the file model, as the `content`
attribute on the document model is actually the `body` not the original
content like it is in the file model
@ncrohn ncrohn Fixed an issue with content type being looked up twice fcf21f2
@ncrohn ncrohn Fixed tabs a2fb5f4
@Delapouite Delapouite Added contextualizeBefore and contextualizeAfter events access for pl…
@balupton balupton Nearly there, just need some more testing. 7c447bb
@balupton balupton Added stylesheet collection that sets referencesOthers to true. Renam…
…ed rendered properties to out properties and moved them to the File model
@balupton balupton Updated the changelog and readme for v6.5.4 release 579e951
@balupton balupton Added an API test file. Updated attribute fixtures for rendered -> ou…
…t property renames.
@balupton balupton Partial fix of unit tests on windows 80d78e3
@balupton balupton Cleaned render test file 69589ae
@balupton balupton Eliminated ambiguity with renderSingleExtensions 4f13fb5
@balupton balupton Fixed typo causing `cannot set referencesOthers of undefined` errors a276938
@balupton balupton Changed line endings to unix so I can merge in some commits 5c05e09
@balupton balupton Merge remote-tracking branch 'ncrohn/master' into dev de308f2
@balupton balupton Merge remote-tracking branch 'delapouite/patch-1' into dev e95b18c
@balupton balupton Fixed contentType response on rendered files c572490
@balupton balupton Added contributors to package.json, updated history with pull request…
… merges, added bruno to contributors
@balupton balupton v6.5.6. New feature.
- v6.5.6 August 19, 2012
	- Added `regenerateEvery` configuration option
@balupton balupton v6.5.7. Bugfix.
- v6.5.7 August 26, 2012
	- Fixed "cannot get length of undefined" intermittent error
		- Due to an incorrect variable name inside
@balupton balupton Redid the readme 81cf702
@balupton balupton Readme clean up a bit e3ecfb7
@balupton balupton Readme clean a2324c7
@balupton balupton Cleaned and added some favourite tweets e67030e
@balupton balupton v6.6.0. Improvements.
- v6.6.0 August 28, 2012
	- Added `docpad-debug` executable for easier debugging
	- Will now ask if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter when
running on the development environment
	- Beginnings of localisation
@balupton balupton v6.6.1. Fix.
Fixes newsletter crash when a config value isn't defined.
@balupton balupton v.6.6.2. Bugfix.
Fixes skeleton cloning due to getLocale of undefined error
@balupton balupton Updated readme for 6.6 067b5cc
@balupton balupton v6.6.3. Bugfix.
- v6.6.3 September 3, 2012
	- Fixed `date` and `name` always being their automatic values
@balupton balupton Attempt at fixing date testing issue due to time zone differences ac3d6f0
@balupton balupton Removed date from meta in tests as that was still causing timezone pr…
@balupton balupton v6.6.4. Bugfix.
- v6.6.4 September 4, 2012
	- Better file encoding detection
		- Closes [#288: Output of certain binary files is
@balupton balupton v6.6.5. Bugfix.
- v6.6.5 September 18, 2012
	- Further improved file encoding detection
		- Closes [#266: Images are
@balupton balupton v6.6.6. Improvement.
- v6.6.6 September 24, 2012
	- Further improved file text/binary detection
@balupton balupton v6.6.7. Improvement.
- v6.6.7 September 28, 2012
	- Added built-in support for AppFog and CloudFoundry ports
@balupton balupton Bumbed watchr version to min 2.1.5. Alphabetically sorted dependencies. d33e8a7
@balupton balupton Updated Makefile with cleaner format 82ce68f
@balupton balupton v6.6.8. Bugfix.
- v6.6.8 September 29, 2012
	- Fixed watching setup not completing under some conditions
		- Bumped watchr minimum version to v2.1.5
@balupton balupton Updated for Express.js v3. Need to update some plugins to. 433c97d
@balupton balupton Added standalone attribute to files c57e001
@balupton balupton Fixed res.send for express v3 55839f7
@balupton balupton Added generate progress indicator. Refined middlewares. 4ff9182
@balupton balupton v6.7.0. Improvement.
- v6.7.0 October 2, 2012
	- Server changes:
		- Updated [Express.js]( from v2.5 to v3.0
			- If you're doing custom routing, you'll want to check the
[Express.js Upgrade
			- There are now two server objects: `serverExpress` and `serverHttp`
- get them using `docpadInstance.getServer(true)`, set them using
`docpad.setServer({serverExpress,serverHttp})` - `server` in events,
and `docpadInstance.getServer()` return the `serverExpress` object for
backwards compatibility (however things like require the
`serverHttp` object)
			- Closes [#311](docpad#311),
			- Help by [dave8401]( and [Ben
		- Abstracted out the different middlewares to
`serverMiddlewareHeader`, `serverMiddlewareRouter`,
`serverMiddleware404`, and `serverMiddleware500`
		- Added the following options to the `server` actions:
			- `serverExpress` for a custom express.js server
			- `serverHttp` for a custom http server
			- `middlewareStandard` set it to `false` for us to not use any of
the standard middleware (body parse, method override, express router)
			- `middlewareBodyParser` set it to `false` for us to not add the
`bodyParser` middleware
			- `middlewareMethodOverride` set it to `false` for us to not add the
`methodOverride` middleware
			- `middlewareExpressRouter` set it to `false` for us to not add the
Express.js `router` middleware
			- `middleware404` set it to `false` for us to not add our `404`
			- `middleware500` set it to `false` for us to not add our `500`
		- Example API usage can be found
	- Added `standalone` attribute to files (defaults to `false`)
		- If you set to `true`, changes to the file will only cause
re-rendering of that file alone
	- Added a progress indicator during generation
		- Closes [#247](docpad#247)
		- Help by [Bruno Héridet](
@balupton balupton Updated readme for v6.7 b993f96
@balupton balupton Fixed "specifying url in meta data" not working and added test 7e21de8
@balupton balupton Collection creation functions scope is now the docpad instance. Fixed…
… serverMiddleware500.
@balupton balupton v6.7.1. Improvement. Bugfix.
- v6.7.1 October 2, 2012
	- Can now use the `url` property in meta data to specify a custom URL
to use
	- Collection creation functions in the DocPad Configuration Files now
scope to the DocPad Instance
	- Fixed the 400 and 500 middlewares
@balupton balupton Fixed custom middleware coming after our middleware 86fb76b
@balupton balupton v6.7.2. Bugfix.
- v6.7.2 October 3, 2012
	- Fixed custom middleware (via the `serverExtend` event) being loaded
too late (after the express router middleware)
@balupton balupton v6.7.3. Fix. Improvement
- v6.7.3 October 8, 2012
	- Fixed logging when a fatal error occurs during initialisation
	- We now do warnings when plugins do invalid naming conventions
		- Closes [#313](docpad#313)
		- Help by [Eugene Mirotin](
	- We now display the plugin versions in the plugin listing information
		- Help by [ashnur](
	- More localization progress
@balupton balupton Clarified point in changelog 3847877
@balupton balupton v6.8.0-dev-stats. Improvement.
- v6.8.0-dev-stats
	- Added Terms of Service and Privacy Policy confirmation
	- Added statistic tracking
	- Added automatic locale detection for OSX
	- Improved error reporting
	- Will now error if you try to run an action that doesn't exist
(instead of defaulting to the `run` action instead)
@balupton balupton v6.7.4. Improvement.
- v6.7.4 October 10, 2012
	- `PORT` environment variable now comes before infrastructure specific
port variables
	- Can now do `docpad-server --action generate,server,watch --port 8080`
@Delapouite Delapouite Removed base Model requirement for Document
This var is unused since DocumentModel inherits from FileModel
@balupton balupton Added Bruno's pull request #318 to 7eeceda
@Delapouite Delapouite added missing locale translation for renderCleaning 2dcd607
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #323 from Delapouite/dev
added missing locale translation for renderCleaning
@balupton balupton v6.8.0. Improvement.
- v6.8.0 October 18, 2012
	- Added support for `.env` files
		- If a `.env` file is present in your website path, we will add its
key values to `process.env`
		- More information on `.env` files
	- Improved localisation
		- Thanks to [Bruno Héridet]( for [pull
request #323](docpad#323)
	- Removed unused model requirement inside document model file
		- Thanks to [Bruno Héridet]( for [pull
request #318](docpad#318)
@Delapouite Delapouite added localization to the ConsoleInterface descriptions and options 99c6db4
@Delapouite Delapouite fix #225 docpad skeleton blocks instead of ending e83f755
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #325 from Delapouite/dev
added localization to the ConsoleInterface descriptions and options and fix for #225
@balupton balupton Fixed --port CLI option not working (among possibly others) cc2087a
@balupton balupton v6.8.1. Improvement. Bugfix.
- v6.8.1 October 19, 2012
	- Fixed `--port` CLI option not working (and possibly others)
	- Fixed `docpad skeleton` blocking instead of ending
		- Closes [#225](docpad#225) thanks to
[Bruno Héridet](
	- Improved localisation
		- Thanks to [Bruno Héridet]( for [pull
request #325](docpad#325)
@balupton balupton v6.8.2. Improvement.
- v6.8.2 October 19, 2012
	- Updated the document meta data extraction regex
		- It will now treat data that is wrapped in anything that repeats 3
or more times, as meta data allowing you to use whatever is appropriate
for the markup you are currently in (before we only supported `---` and
@Delapouite Delapouite added config.ignorePatterns option 00360d0
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #326 from Delapouite/dev
added config.ignorePatterns option
@balupton balupton v6.8.3. Improvement. Bugfix.
- v6.8.3 October 22, 2012
	- Fixed growl generating notification from saying `generated` instead
of `generating`
	- Added `ignorePatterns` option
		- Closes [#193](docpad#193) thanks to
[Bruno Héridet]( for [pull request
@balupton balupton Updated readme for new doc links 775cd65
@Delapouite Delapouite removed unnecessary notify var c6c6ce1
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #331 from Delapouite/dev
removed unnecessary notify var
@balupton balupton Changes mostly around dependencies and coffeescript requires
- Improved Makefile
- skeletonNonexistant now tells us where it checked
- Updated dependencies
  - CoffeeScript from 1.3.x to 1.4.x
  - CSON from 1.2.x to 1.4.x
  - Joe from 1.0.x to 1.1.x
  - Underscore from 1.3.x to 1.4.x
  - Chai from 1.1.x to 1.3.x
- Removed ability to require uncompiled plugins
@balupton balupton v6.8.4. Improvement.
- v6.8.4 October 25, 2012
	- Added `getEnvironment` and `getEnvironments` template helpers
@balupton balupton Merged in v6.8.4 changes to dev 3ac407e
@balupton balupton v6.9.0. Change.
- v6.9.0 October 25, 2012
	- Updated dependencies
		- [CoffeeScript]( 1.4.x from 1.3x
		- [CSON]( 1.4.x from 1.2.x
		- [Joe]( 1.1.x from 1.0.x
		- [Underscore]( 1.4.x from 1.3.x
		- [Chai]( 1.3.x from 1.1.x
	- Removed ability to require uncompiled plugins
		- This is due to the CoffeeScript 1.4.x from 1.3.x upgrade
	- `skeletonNonexistant` now tells us the path it checked
@balupton balupton Updated install and quickstart sections in readme to refer to the web…
…site instead
@balupton balupton Updated readme install and quickstart sections a78801d
@balupton balupton Update ca3561a
@balupton balupton Update 2c45ebf
@balupton balupton v6.9.1. Improvement.
- v6.9.1 October 25, 2012
	- Added `reloadPaths` configuration option
		- When a change occurs in one of the reload paths then we will reload
	- Added `getBlocks` and `setBlocks`
	- Added `getCollections` and `setCollections`
	- Will now output how long the generation took
@balupton balupton Swapped yaml depedency for yamljs e87e53d
@balupton balupton Merge commit '3d19846ce535a363ec1fa859bdcc4598707f0627' d44eb13
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev adf7268
@balupton balupton Better error output on custom error objects 2deabc3
@balupton balupton v6.9.2. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.9.2 October 26, 2012
	- Swapped [yaml]( dependency
for [yamljs](
		- Fixes [#333](docpad#333)
	- Better error output on custom error objects
@balupton balupton v6.10.0. Improvement.
- v6.10.0 October 29, 2012
	- Updated [QueryEngine](
dependency from 1.2.3 to 1.3.x
		- Should see better memory usage and massive speed improvements
	- Now tells you how many files we have when doing a complete render
@balupton balupton v6.11.0. Improvement.
- v6.11.0 October 29, 2012
	- Updated [QueryEngine](
dependency from 1.3.x to 1.4.x
		- Should see speed improvements
	- Added `docs` directory to `.npmignore`
@balupton balupton v6.11.1. Improvement.
- v6.11.1 November 16, 2012
	- Changes made to help get the docpad server up and running as soon as
		- `server` action is now run before `generate` action
		- if a request is made while a generation is occuring, the request
will be put on hold until the generation completes
	- We now pass the option `reset` to the `generateBefore` event
		- Lets you know if the generation is a complete generation (`reset`
is `true`) or a differential generation (`reset` is `false`)
@lhagan lhagan notify via growl on error cb821b7
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #346 from lhagan/343-growl-errors
Notify via Growl on error
@balupton balupton v6.12.0. Improvement. Bugfix.
- v6.12.0 November 23, 2012
	- When creating new documents or files, if it is inside an unknown
path we will now default to creating a document intead of a file
	- We now send growl notifications when errors occur
		- Thanks to [Luke Hagan]( for [pull request
#346](docpad#346) and [issue
	- We now error and provide suggestions when an extension transform
doesn't do anything
		- Thanks to [Farid Neshat](, [Elias
Dawson]( and [Steve
Trevathan]( for [issue
	- Watching stability has been improved signifcantly
		- Thanks to [ashnur]( for [issue
	- Parser headers that don't include spacing now work again (e.g.
`---cson` instead of `--- cson`)
		- Thanks to [bobobo1618]( for [issue
	- Removed default comparator on `FilesCollection` due to performance
improvement it provides
		- Thanks to [Bruno Héridet]( for [issue
	- Added
		- `Document::parseFileDirectory(opts,next)`
		- `Document::parseDocumentDirectory(opts,next)`
		- `FilesCollection::fuzzyFindOne(data)`
@balupton balupton v6.12.1. Bugfix.
- v6.12.1 November 23, 2012
	- Fixed update check, been broken since v6.7.3
	- Updated [bal-util]( dependency
from 1.13.13 to 1.14.x
@balupton balupton Merged in dev-stats e496f32
@balupton balupton Cleaned depenencies
- Updated dependencies
	- [Commander]( 1.1.x from
	- [Growl]( 1.6.x from 1.4.x
	- [Semver]( 1.1.x from 1.0.x
- Added dependencies
	- [Mixpanel]( 0.0.9
- Moved dependencies to dev dependencies
	- [Request](
@balupton balupton v6.13.0. Improvement.
- v6.13.0 November 26, 2012
	- Added [Terms of Service]( and [Privacy
Policy]( confirmation
	- Added statistic tracking so we can better understand usage allowing
us to improve DocPad is much greater ways
	- Added automatic locale detection for OSX
	- Improved error reporting
	- Will now error if you try to run an action that doesn't exist
(instead of defaulting to the `run` action instead)
	- Updated dependencies
		- [Commander]( 1.1.x from
		- [Growl]( 1.6.x from 1.4.x
		- [Semver]( 1.1.x from 1.0.x
	- Added dependencies
		- [Mixpanel]( 0.0.9
	- Moved dependencies to dev dependencies
		- [Request](
@balupton balupton v6.13.1. Bugfix.
- v6.13.1 November 26, 2012
	- Fixed up growl notifications
@balupton balupton v6.13.2. Improvement.
- v6.13.2 November 27, 2012
	- Reduced the extension not rendering error to a warning
@balupton balupton v6.13.3. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.13.3 November 28, 2012
	- Reduced the extension not rendering warning to a notice
	- Fixed the `include` template helper
	- `DocPad::getFileAtPath` now does fuzzy finding
	- `FilesCollection::fuzzyFindOne` now also fuzzy matches against the
url and accepts `sorting` and `paging` arguments
@balupton balupton Added `DocPad::getFileByUrl(url)` and updated the middleware router t…
…o use it
@balupton balupton Correct changelog, didn't get to "Reduced the extension not rendering…
… warning to a notice" yet
@balupton balupton v6.13.4. Improvement.
- v6.13.4 November 29, 2012
	- `reportErrors` and `reportStatistics` are now `false` if `test` is
included in the `process.argv`
		- Closes [issue #354](docpad#354)
@balupton balupton Merged 12c4fa1
@balupton balupton v6.14.0. Improvement.
- v6.14.0 November 29, 2012
	- Added  `DocPad::getFileByUrl(url)` and updated the middleware router
to use it
		- Big performance gain on request response time
@balupton balupton Updated support links 2b99863
@balupton balupton Updated travis details b818ecc
@balupton balupton Cleaned up the attributes tests 909dafe
@balupton balupton Changed contentRendered property to defaul to `null` instead of `fals…
…e` like the others
@balupton balupton Attempt at getting a better render pass algorithm 625107e
@balupton balupton Added 00685f7
@balupton balupton clarified contributing guidelines e4fbc93
@balupton balupton clarified contributing guidelines 966f260
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev d5343aa
@balupton balupton Updated readme header with logo and screencast aae86c7
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev a2ffba8
@balupton balupton v6.15.0. Improvement.
- v6.15.0 December 3, 2012
	- [Nodejitsu]( Support
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev-render 7bde1e1
@balupton balupton renderPasses configuration option now going 1b7680d
@balupton balupton v6.16.0. Improvement.
- v6.16.0 December 4, 2012
	- The amount of render passes is now customisable via the
`renderPasses` configuration option, defaults to `1`
		- Increment this value dependening on how many levels of
cross-document references you have (e.g. 2 passes for C includes B, B
includes A)
	- The render pass functionality has been changed to render all
documents that don't reference anything else first, then for each
additional render pass, render documents that do reference others
		- Previously it would render both types of documents in the one
batch, which resulted in hit and miss results
		- Doing this, we now safely have the default `renderPasses` value set
to `1` which has the same effect as the traditional `2` render pass
		- Refer to [issue #359](docpad#359)
for more information
@balupton balupton Cleaned up the Meta Data handling
- Removed useless `Document::initialize` and `Document::getMeta`
- Updated `File::getMeta` to create meta if it doesn't exist yet
- Added `Base::setDefaults`, `File::setMeta`, and
@balupton balupton v6.17.0. Clean.
- v6.17.0 December 4, 2012
	- Updated
		- `File::getMeta` to create meta if it doesn't exist yet
	- Removed
		-  `Document::initialize` didn't do anything
		-  `Document::getMeta` didn't do anything
		-  `File::readFile` merged into `File::parse`
		- `File::parseData` renamed to `File::parse` and cleaned signficantly
	- Added
		- `Base::setDefaults` to update attributes that haven't been set
		- `File::setMeta` to update the meta more easily than
		- `File::setMetaDefaults` to update the meta attributes that haven't
been set
		- `File::getContent` to get the content or buffer
		- `File::getOutContent` to get the rendered content, or content, or
		- `File::getStat` to get the stat
		- `File::setBuffer` to set the buffer
		- `File::getBuffer` to get the buffer
@balupton balupton v6.17.1. Improvement.
- v6.17.1 December 4, 2012
	- Updated misc internals to use the new `File::getOutContent` call
@balupton balupton v6.17.2. Bugfix.
- v6.17.2 December 5, 2012
	- `watch` and `server` actions now perform an initial generation
		- Thanks [Khalid Jebbari](, [Vladislav
		- Closes [#369](docpad#369),
darky Fixed loading issue of files dd36129
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #371 from darrrk/master
Fixed loading of files ref #370
@balupton balupton v6.17.3. Bugfix.
- v6.17.3 December 5, 2012
	- Fixed an issue introduced in v6.17.0 that prevented files from
reloading under certain circumstances
		- Thanks [Vladislav Botvin]( for [issue
#370](docpad#370) and [pull request
@balupton balupton v6.18.0. Improvement.
- v6.18.0 December 14, 2012
	- Added `regeneratePaths` configuration option
	- Include now returns expected results if the content hasn't been
rendered yet
		- Closes [issue #378](docpad#378)
	- Updated [QueryEngine]( to
v1.5.x from v1.4.x
	- [Backbone]( dependency now moved to our
dependencies from QueryEngine's. Version set explicitly to v0.9.9.
		- If you have any plugins or whatever that used the
`myCollection.getByCid` function, change that call to `myCollection.get`
	- Improved help URLs
@balupton balupton v6.19.0. Improvement.
- v6.19.0 December 15, 2012
	- Renamed `ignorePatterns` configuration option to
`ignoreCommonPatterns` and added new `ignoreCustomPatterns`
configuration option
	- Updated dependencies
		- [bal-util]( from 1.14.x to
		- [watchr]( from 2.1.x to ~2.2.1
	- Updated optional dependencies
		- [mixpanel]( from 0.0.9
to 0.0.10
	- Updated dev dependencies
		- [chai]( from 1.3.x to 1.4.x
@balupton balupton v6.20.0. Improvement.
- v6.20.0 December 17, 2012
	- Better watch handling
	- Updated dependencies
		- [watchr]( from ~2.2.1 to 2.3.x
@ashnur ashnur variable name change aeb2c4f
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #381 from ashnur/minor-repair
variable name change
@balupton balupton v6.20.1. Bugfix.
- v6.20.1 December 24, 2012
	- Fixed `File::writeSource`
		- Thanks to [ashnur]( for [pull request
@balupton balupton Updated for the DocPad Website :) 836ca85
@balupton balupton v6.21.0. Improvement. Bugfix.
- v6.21.0 January 2, 2013
	- Cleanup focused around loading, parsing, and writing of files and
	- Added
		- `DocPad::flowDocument`
		- `DocPad::loadDocument`
		- `exists` attribute on `File` model
	- Fixed
		- `Document::writeSource`
@balupton balupton v6.21.1. Improvement.
- v6.21.1 January 6, 2013
	- Added support for running multiple plugin tests for the same plugin
		- Closes [issue #393](docpad#393)
@stegrams stegrams #395 Fix typo in setDefaults that forces defaults 9cf69ff
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #396 from stegrams/patch-1
#395 Fix typo in setDefaults that forces defaults
@balupton balupton v6.21.2. Bugfix.
- v6.21.2 January 8, 2013
	- Fixed `Base::setDefaults` and `File::setMetaDefaults` always forcing
		- Thanks to [Stefan]( for [pull request
@balupton balupton Added Stefan (submitted pull request #396) to contributors. b7baeef

First time contributor!!!
A great day for me
Thanks Benjamin for the honor


:) :cake:

balupton and others added some commits
@balupton balupton v6.21.3. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.3 January 9, 2013
	- Fixed ignored files sometimes triggering reloads
	- Added `ignorePaths`, `ignoreHiddenFiles` options
	- Added `DocPad::isIgnoredPath`, `DocPad::scandir`, `DocPad::watchdir`
@amesarosh amesarosh Change scripts block to allow custom attributes b03c955
@balupton balupton v6.21.4. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.4 January 16, 2013
	- Fixed incorrect meta data parsing for certain files
		- Closes [issue #394](docpad#394)
thanks to [Jose Quesada]( and
	- Scripts and styles blocks now support an `attrs` option string
		- Closes [pull request
#397](docpad#397) thanks to
		- Closes [issue #400](docpad#400)
thanks to [edzillion](
@balupton balupton v6.21.5. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.5 January 24, 2013
	- Supports Node v0.9
	- Added `renderSingleExtensions` option
		- Note: currently this will render `src/documents/` from
CoffeeScript to JavaScript as intended, HOWEVER the outfile will be
`out/` instead of the expected `out/script.js`. We will
likely have to do an extension mapping for single extensions.
	- Added expiremental `docpad-compile` executable
	- Updated dependencies
		- [bal-util]( from ~1.15.4 to
@balupton balupton Fixed failing test on windows due to git line ending conversion dd7ba31
@balupton balupton v6.21.6. Improvement.
- v6.21.6 January 25, 2013
	- Better debugging around server starting
@balupton balupton v6.21.7. Bugfix.
- v6.21.7 January 25, 2013
	- Fixed port not defaulting correctly on the `docpad-server` executable since v6.21.5
		- Closes [issue #407](docpad#407) thanks to [man4u](
	- Updated dependencies
		- [bal-util]( from ~1.16.0 to ~1.16.1
@stegrams stegrams Fix a bug that kept file.exists always true a1b3b54
@balupton balupton v6.21.8. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.8 February 5, 2013
	- Swapped out underscore dependency for lodash
	- Underscore is no longer provided to testers
	- `File::getMeta` now alises to `File.getMeta().get` if arguments have
been supplied
	- No longer does deep clones on template data per file render (just
shallow clone now)
	- Fixed a bug that keeps `exists` attribute on `File` always `true`
		- Thanks to [Stefan]( for [pull request
	- Updated dependencies
		- [bal-util]( from ~1.16.3 to
		- [watchr]( from ~2.3.3 to ~2.3.4
			- Way better performance and reliability
@balupton balupton Updated dependency versions 51a13a2
@balupton balupton Completely ignore growl failures. Ignore but report watching failures. c7d7c14
@balupton balupton v6.21.9. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.9 February 6, 2013
	- We now completely ignore growl failures
	- We now alert the user of watch failures but still ignore them
overall (as to not bring down the entire app)
	- Updated dependencies
		- [growl]( from ~1.6.1 to
		- [express]( from ~3.0.6 to
		- [watchr]( from ~2.3.4 to ~2.3.5
			- Fixes a bug with uncaught watching exceptions
@balupton balupton v6.21.10. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.10 February 6, 2013
	- Updated dependencies
		- [watchr]( from ~2.3.4 to ~2.3.7
			- Works better for projects that have a large amount of files
@supersym supersym dutch locale file a3fec75
@supersym supersym dutch locale file bf7910a

Sweet! Did DocPad automatically select that locale for you as well?


I think this is a bit too much :)


Fixed in a later commit.


The dutch locale in here will need to be pulled in manually. However, first we need to have better localisation support first. See the localisation milestone for more information.

@balupton balupton closed this
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