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Zearin commented Sep 3, 2013
  • Made section-separator comments more obvious
  • Edited for grammar, punctuation, phrasing, and clarity
balupton and others added some commits Dec 1, 2012
@balupton balupton clarified contributing guidelines 966f260
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev d5343aa
@balupton balupton Updated readme header with logo and screencast aae86c7
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev a2ffba8
@balupton balupton v6.15.0. Improvement.
- v6.15.0 December 3, 2012
	- [Nodejitsu](http://nodejitsu.com/) Support
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev-render 7bde1e1
@balupton balupton renderPasses configuration option now going 1b7680d
@balupton balupton v6.16.0. Improvement.
- v6.16.0 December 4, 2012
	- The amount of render passes is now customisable via the
`renderPasses` configuration option, defaults to `1`
		- Increment this value dependening on how many levels of
cross-document references you have (e.g. 2 passes for C includes B, B
includes A)
	- The render pass functionality has been changed to render all
documents that don't reference anything else first, then for each
additional render pass, render documents that do reference others
		- Previously it would render both types of documents in the one
batch, which resulted in hit and miss results
		- Doing this, we now safely have the default `renderPasses` value set
to `1` which has the same effect as the traditional `2` render pass
		- Refer to [issue #359](docpad#359)
for more information
@balupton balupton Cleaned up the Meta Data handling
- Removed useless `Document::initialize` and `Document::getMeta`
- Updated `File::getMeta` to create meta if it doesn't exist yet
- Added `Base::setDefaults`, `File::setMeta`, and
@balupton balupton v6.17.0. Clean.
- v6.17.0 December 4, 2012
	- Updated
		- `File::getMeta` to create meta if it doesn't exist yet
	- Removed
		-  `Document::initialize` didn't do anything
		-  `Document::getMeta` didn't do anything
		-  `File::readFile` merged into `File::parse`
		- `File::parseData` renamed to `File::parse` and cleaned signficantly
	- Added
		- `Base::setDefaults` to update attributes that haven't been set
		- `File::setMeta` to update the meta more easily than
		- `File::setMetaDefaults` to update the meta attributes that haven't
been set
		- `File::getContent` to get the content or buffer
		- `File::getOutContent` to get the rendered content, or content, or
		- `File::getStat` to get the stat
		- `File::setBuffer` to set the buffer
		- `File::getBuffer` to get the buffer
@balupton balupton v6.17.1. Improvement.
- v6.17.1 December 4, 2012
	- Updated misc internals to use the new `File::getOutContent` call
@balupton balupton v6.17.2. Bugfix.
- v6.17.2 December 5, 2012
	- `watch` and `server` actions now perform an initial generation
		- Thanks [Khalid Jebbari](https://github.com/DjebbZ), [Vladislav
		- Closes [#369](docpad#369),
@darky darky Fixed loading issue of files dd36129
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #371 from darrrk/master
Fixed loading of files ref #370
@balupton balupton v6.17.3. Bugfix.
- v6.17.3 December 5, 2012
	- Fixed an issue introduced in v6.17.0 that prevented files from
reloading under certain circumstances
		- Thanks [Vladislav Botvin](https://github.com/darrrk) for [issue
#370](docpad#370) and [pull request
@balupton balupton v6.18.0. Improvement.
- v6.18.0 December 14, 2012
	- Added `regeneratePaths` configuration option
	- Include now returns expected results if the content hasn't been
rendered yet
		- Closes [issue #378](docpad#378)
	- Updated [QueryEngine](https://github.com/bevry/query-engine/) to
v1.5.x from v1.4.x
	- [Backbone](http://backbonejs.org/) dependency now moved to our
dependencies from QueryEngine's. Version set explicitly to v0.9.9.
		- If you have any plugins or whatever that used the
`myCollection.getByCid` function, change that call to `myCollection.get`
	- Improved help URLs
@balupton balupton v6.19.0. Improvement.
- v6.19.0 December 15, 2012
	- Renamed `ignorePatterns` configuration option to
`ignoreCommonPatterns` and added new `ignoreCustomPatterns`
configuration option
	- Updated dependencies
		- [bal-util](https://github.com/balupton/bal-util) from 1.14.x to
		- [watchr](https://github.com/bevry/watchr) from 2.1.x to ~2.2.1
	- Updated optional dependencies
		- [mixpanel](https://github.com/carlsverre/mixpanel-node) from 0.0.9
to 0.0.10
	- Updated dev dependencies
		- [chai](https://github.com/chaijs/chai) from 1.3.x to 1.4.x
@balupton balupton v6.20.0. Improvement.
- v6.20.0 December 17, 2012
	- Better watch handling
	- Updated dependencies
		- [watchr](https://github.com/bevry/watchr) from ~2.2.1 to 2.3.x
@ashnur ashnur variable name change aeb2c4f
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #381 from ashnur/minor-repair
variable name change
@balupton balupton v6.20.1. Bugfix.
- v6.20.1 December 24, 2012
	- Fixed `File::writeSource`
		- Thanks to [ashnur](https://github.com/ashnur) for [pull request
@balupton balupton Updated for the DocPad Website :) 836ca85
@balupton balupton v6.21.0. Improvement. Bugfix.
- v6.21.0 January 2, 2013
	- Cleanup focused around loading, parsing, and writing of files and
	- Added
		- `DocPad::flowDocument`
		- `DocPad::loadDocument`
		- `exists` attribute on `File` model
	- Fixed
		- `Document::writeSource`
@balupton balupton v6.21.1. Improvement.
- v6.21.1 January 6, 2013
	- Added support for running multiple plugin tests for the same plugin
		- Closes [issue #393](docpad#393)
@stegrams stegrams #395 Fix typo in setDefaults that forces defaults 9cf69ff
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #396 from stegrams/patch-1
#395 Fix typo in setDefaults that forces defaults
@balupton balupton v6.21.2. Bugfix.
- v6.21.2 January 8, 2013
	- Fixed `Base::setDefaults` and `File::setMetaDefaults` always forcing
		- Thanks to [Stefan](https://github.com/stegrams) for [pull request
@balupton balupton Added Stefan (submitted pull request #396) to contributors. b7baeef

First time contributor!!!
A great day for me
Thanks Benjamin for the honor


:) 🍰

balupton and others added some commits Jan 8, 2013
@balupton balupton v6.21.3. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.3 January 9, 2013
	- Fixed ignored files sometimes triggering reloads
	- Added `ignorePaths`, `ignoreHiddenFiles` options
	- Added `DocPad::isIgnoredPath`, `DocPad::scandir`, `DocPad::watchdir`
@amesarosh amesarosh Change scripts block to allow custom attributes b03c955
@balupton balupton v6.21.4. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.4 January 16, 2013
	- Fixed incorrect meta data parsing for certain files
		- Closes [issue #394](docpad#394)
thanks to [Jose Quesada](https://github.com/quesada) and
	- Scripts and styles blocks now support an `attrs` option string
		- Closes [pull request
#397](docpad#397) thanks to
		- Closes [issue #400](docpad#400)
thanks to [edzillion](https://github.com/edzillion)
@balupton balupton v6.21.5. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.5 January 24, 2013
	- Supports Node v0.9
	- Added `renderSingleExtensions` option
		- Note: currently this will render `src/documents/script.coffee` from
CoffeeScript to JavaScript as intended, HOWEVER the outfile will be
`out/script.coffee` instead of the expected `out/script.js`. We will
likely have to do an extension mapping for single extensions.
	- Added expiremental `docpad-compile` executable
	- Updated dependencies
		- [bal-util](https://github.com/balupton/bal-util) from ~1.15.4 to
@balupton balupton Fixed failing test on windows due to git line ending conversion dd7ba31
@balupton balupton v6.21.6. Improvement.
- v6.21.6 January 25, 2013
	- Better debugging around server starting
@balupton balupton v6.21.7. Bugfix.
- v6.21.7 January 25, 2013
	- Fixed port not defaulting correctly on the `docpad-server` executable since v6.21.5
		- Closes [issue #407](docpad#407) thanks to [man4u](https://github.com/man4u)
	- Updated dependencies
		- [bal-util](https://github.com/balupton/bal-util) from ~1.16.0 to ~1.16.1
@stegrams stegrams Fix a bug that kept file.exists always true a1b3b54
@balupton balupton Working on encoding detection and conversion - ref #411 22322c3
@balupton balupton Detection and conversion of source encoding now going. Looking into c…
…onversion for the out file as well. Ref #411
@balupton balupton Got encoding conversion going for the out file as well. Must enable d…
…etectEncoding in your docpad configuraiton file for auto detection. Ref #411
@balupton balupton Fix jschardet being undefiend if Iconv fails - Ref #411 012a8e0
@balupton balupton v6.21.8. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.8 February 5, 2013
	- Swapped out underscore dependency for lodash
	- Underscore is no longer provided to testers
	- `File::getMeta` now alises to `File.getMeta().get` if arguments have
been supplied
	- No longer does deep clones on template data per file render (just
shallow clone now)
	- Fixed a bug that keeps `exists` attribute on `File` always `true`
		- Thanks to [Stefan](https://github.com/stegrams) for [pull request
	- Updated dependencies
		- [bal-util](https://github.com/balupton/bal-util) from ~1.16.3 to
		- [watchr](https://github.com/bevry/watchr) from ~2.3.3 to ~2.3.4
			- Way better performance and reliability
@balupton balupton Updated dependency versions 51a13a2
@balupton balupton Completely ignore growl failures. Ignore but report watching failures. c7d7c14
@balupton balupton v6.21.9. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.9 February 6, 2013
	- We now completely ignore growl failures
	- We now alert the user of watch failures but still ignore them
overall (as to not bring down the entire app)
	- Updated dependencies
		- [growl](https://github.com/visionmedia/node-growl) from ~1.6.1 to
		- [express](https://github.com/visionmedia/express) from ~3.0.6 to
		- [watchr](https://github.com/bevry/watchr) from ~2.3.4 to ~2.3.5
			- Fixes a bug with uncaught watching exceptions
@balupton balupton v6.21.10. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.21.10 February 6, 2013
	- Updated dependencies
		- [watchr](https://github.com/bevry/watchr) from ~2.3.4 to ~2.3.7
			- Works better for projects that have a large amount of files
@balupton balupton Emphasised specifying the `dev` branch as the integration branch 53f0080

I think this is a bit too much :)

balupton and others added some commits Feb 11, 2013
@balupton balupton Updated use of github issues in CONTRIBUTING.md 92c7d3a
@balupton balupton Now loads early for deploy commands. Added action command.
- This means for deploy commands we load and initialise our
configuration twice in order to load the deploy plugin by the time the
consoleSetup event fires
- Another change is the removal of the secret `load` instanceConfig
option, in favour of a new `action` instanceConfig option
- Added a action command to perhaps replace the `docpad-server` cli
with `docpad action 'server generate'`
@balupton balupton Ref #430 - Identify anonymous users by their hash and salted MAC address
See #430 for the underlying details.
@balupton balupton Attempt at resolving configuration double-load merging issue, hitting…
… issue with partials plugin
@balupton balupton Cleaning for collections. Persistant database collection.
- Added `destroy` method and event to Collection and QueryCollection
which will unbind all listeners on itself and children
- `createCollection` now renamed to `extendCollection` as we now create
collections and blocks within the constructor, and just extend them on
each load, extending now support destroying old collections - this
allows us to persist the same database collection
@balupton balupton Added instanceConfig to plugin base class 727a7dd
@balupton balupton Better tester port determining. Turns out pid is prone to duplication 244390c
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'dev' into dev-configredo 8524dd7
@balupton balupton Clarified initial versions in History.md 7b46303
@balupton balupton Blocks will now clone add arrays as we modify them 0350886
@balupton balupton Init filesByUrl correctly with configredo e54fb31
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev-mac f6654d1
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'dev' into dev-mac 0d4bdf6
@balupton balupton More fallbacks if mac fails 8768ff6
@balupton balupton Reduce the console pause delay after collecting info
From 5 seconds to 2 seconds
@balupton balupton v6.22.0. Improvement.
- v6.22.0 March 6, 2013
	- Better port assignment to testers -
	- We now identify anonymous users (while respecting their anonymity) -
		- Closes [#430](docpad#430)
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev 861f00b
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'dev-mac' into dev 575cf05
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' of github.com:bevry/docpad 7c037ab
@balupton balupton Merged. b20443e
@balupton balupton Standardised thank yous in the changelog a bit 883e44e
@balupton balupton v6.23.0. Improvement.
- v6.23.0 March 6, 2013
	- DocPad can now handle foreign encodings when you set
`detectEncoding: true` in the [docpad
		- Thanks to [Yellow Dragon](https://github.com/huanglong) for [issue
@balupton balupton Added more docs to the detectEncoding config option 12795c2
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'dev' into dev-configredo b268a94
@balupton balupton v6.24.0. Improvement.
- v6.24.0 March 6, 2013
	- Configuration changes and improvements
		- Can now load the configuration before the console interface is
setup, allowing us to have plugins that extend the console interface
			- Currently explicit commands only
		- Configuration can now load multiple times safely
		- Plugins now have `initialConfig`, `instanceConfig`, and a
`setConfig(instanceConfig=null)` helper and their configuration will be
reloaded via `setConfig` each time the docpad configuration is reloaded
			- **NOTE: This means no modifying `config` directly in your
constructor as the changes won't persist, instead modify them via the
`setConfig` call after calling `super`**
				- See the partials plugin for an example of this
		- Thanks to [Olivier Bazoud](https://github.com/obazoud) for [issue
Deitcher](https://github.com/deitch), [Sergey
Lukin](https://github.com/sergeylukin), [Zeno
Rocha](https://github.com/zenorocha) for [issue
	- Added `docpad action <actions>` command line action
	- When passing arrays to blocks we now clone the array to avoid
modifying the argument
@rantecki rantecki Fixed a couple of typos.
Signed-off-by: Richard Antecki <richard@antecki.id.au>
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #450 from rantecki/rantecki-20130307
Fixed a couple of typos.
@balupton balupton v6.24.1. Bugfix.
- v6.24.1 March 7, 2013
	- Typo fixes
		- Fixes `getMixpanelInstance()` always re-creating the mixpanel
instance instead of just doing it once
		- Fixes `DocPad::getBlocks`
		- Thanks to [Richard A](https://github.com/rantecki) for [pull
request #450](docpad#450)
	- Fixed mixpanel country and language always being au and en
	- Updated dependencies
		- [bal-util](https://github.com/balupton/bal-util) from ~1.16.3 to
@balupton balupton v6.24.2. Bugfix.
- v6.24.2 March 8, 2013
	- Fixed regression from v6.24.1 that caused new installs or very old
upgrades to get stuck in the TOS section
@balupton balupton Merged master into dev-cleancollections a7c0b5f
@balupton balupton v6.25.0. Improvement.
- v6.25.0 March 10, 2013
	- Database is now persistant
	- We now destroy unused collections
@rantecki rantecki Amended "if data" checks in FileModel to "if data?"
Signed-off-by: Richard Antecki <richard@antecki.id.au>
@rantecki rantecki Merge branch 'master' into rantecki-20130310 e8bd22b
@balupton balupton v6.26.0. Bugfix.
- v6.26.0 March 12, 2013
	- Node v0.10.0 support - fixes the "Arguments to path.join must be
strings" errors
	- The requirement of "plugins must have their own `package.json` file
with `version` and `main` defined within them" is now enforced
	- Updated dependencies
		- [backbone](http://backbonejs.org/) 0.9.9 to 0.9.10
		- [iconv](https://github.com/bnoordhuis/node-iconv) ~2.0.2 to ~2.0.3
		- [request](https://github.com/mikeal/request) ~2.12.0 to ~2.14.0
@balupton balupton Added attribution for node 0.10 fix in changelog 929344e
@balupton balupton v6.26.1. Improvement.
- v6.26.1 March 12, 2013
	- We now gather statistics on the node version and platform you are
using to better understand where issues are coming from
	- Updated dev dependencies
		- [coffee-script](http://jashkenas.github.com/coffee-script/) ~1.4.0
to ~1.6.1
		- [request](https://github.com/mikeal/request) ~2.14.0 to ~2.16.2
@balupton balupton v6.26.2. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.26.2 March 23, 2013
	- Fixes `TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'removeListener'`
		- Thanks to [Steven Lindberg](https://github.com/slindberg) for
[issue #462](docpad#462)
	- Can now customise the `watchOptions` that are used to construct the
[watchr](https://github.com/bevry/watchr) instances we create
	- Updated dependencies
@balupton balupton v6.27.0. Improvement.
- v6.27.0 March 25, 2013
	- Engine requirements are now:
		- node >=0.8
		- npm >=1.2
	- Iconv is now a lazy loaded dependency
		- Thanks to [jhuntdog](https://github.com/jhuntdog) for [issue
	- Added `regenerateDelay` configuration option
		- Thanks to [Homme Zwaagstra](https://github.com/homme) for [pull
request #426](docpad#426)
@balupton balupton v6.28.0. Improvement.
- v6.28.0 March 25, 2013
	- Removed native prototype extensions
		- Thanks to [David Baird](https://github.com/dhbaird) for [issue
		- If you were using `toShortDateString`, then we'd recommend [this
gist](https://gist.github.com/4166882) instead
		- If you were using `toISODateString`, just replace it with
@balupton balupton v6.29.0. Improvement.
- v6.29.0 April 1, 2013
	- Progress on [issue #474](docpad#474)
	- DocPad will now set permissions based on the process's ability
		- Thanks to [Avi Deitcher](https://github.com/deitch), [Stephan
Lough](https://github.com/stephanlough) for [issue
	- Updated dependencies
@balupton balupton v6.30.0. Improvement.
- v6.30.0 April 5, 2013
	- Progress on [issue #474](docpad#474)
	- `balUtil`, `chai`, `expect`, `assert`, `request` are no longer
exposed to plugin testers, you'll need to include them yourself from
now on
	- Updated dependencies
@balupton balupton v6.30.1. Improvement.
- v6.30.1 April 6, 2013
	- Updated dependencies
@adrianolaru adrianolaru No Skeleton Fix 1226eb3
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #476 from adrianolaru/no-skeleton-fix
No Skeleton Fix
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #454 from rantecki/rantecki-20130310
"if data" checks in FileModel
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev 56c7d26
@balupton balupton v6.30.2. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.30.2 April 7, 2013
	- Allow for empty `data` when injecting files into the database
		- Thanks to [Richard A](https://github.com/rantecki) for [pull
request #454](docpad#454)
	- Fixed "No Skeleton" option not working (bug introduced in v6.30.0)
		- Thanks to [Adrian Olaru](https://github.com/adrianolaru) for [pull
request #475](docpad#475)
@balupton balupton Updated the contributing guide a6ecf6a
@balupton balupton Added plugin bug report procedure f808ca7
@balupton balupton Re-added the "to get support" line 420f841
@balupton balupton Moved the Contributing Guide to the DocPad Documentation Repo f20ec4b
@balupton balupton Added flattr badge to the top bd86abf
balupton and others added some commits Jun 25, 2013
@balupton balupton Added tests for nested layouts, workng fine... #533 33c0a7d
@balupton balupton Better support for fuzzing finding using paths on windows 9689fad
@balupton balupton Moved file contextualize data into file normalize, as it had no exter…
…nal dependencies

This change was also essential to have `url` initialised correctly
before contextualize.
@balupton balupton format updates 7bcd17f
@balupton balupton updated badges 561faf1
@balupton balupton v6.42.2. Bugfix.
- v6.42.2 June 25, 2013
	- Fixed backslash and slash inconsistencies on windows in regards to
		- Thanks to [Hamish](https://github.com/HammyNZ) for [issue
@balupton balupton added eachCollection and eachBlock convenience methods 6582bb9
@balupton balupton renamed emitSync calls to their new emitSerial name 17b4e7d
@balupton balupton Swapped out synchronous file system calls for asynchronous ones - close a25c2b8
@balupton balupton fixed regression in a25c2b8 19b7363
@balupton balupton v6.42.3. Improvement.
- v6.42.3 June 26, 2013
	- Swapped out synchronous file system calls for asynchronous ones
		- Closes [issue #538](docpad#538)
	- Fixed DocPad version number undefined in X-Powered-By response header
	- Added the ability to turn off the X-Powered-By meta header by
setting the `poweredByDocPad` to `false` in your configuration
@balupton balupton Huge improvements to module and skeleton installation process 2d03332
@balupton balupton Added some basic offline support. Fixed an issue where init would cre…
…ate unecessary files. Fixed an issue where skeleton init would recur forever. Fixed an issue with deep dextending not de-referencing arrays
@balupton balupton Added slow files check ad39dda
@balupton balupton v6.43.0. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.43.0 June 29, 2013
	- Huge improvements to the skeleton install process
		- Install process is much more reliable
		- Skeleton dependencies will now install correctly if `node_modules`
already exists
		- Missing module errors when doing an initial clone of a skeleton
should now be fixed
		- Removed the unused and non-working `-s, --skeleton` option
	- Activities that wait on remote activity will now output a please
wait message
	- You can now install plugins via the `docpad install [pluginName]`
		- Thanks to [Jarvis Ao Ieong](https://github.com/kinua) for [issue
	- Installing dependencies via the `docpad install` command now works
	- The `-f, --force` flag now works as expected (enabling the npm
`--force` flag)
	- Fixed an issues with arrays not being derefenced correctly in
		- This fixes initial run issues with skeletons that have custom file
	- Added `--offline` flag that will help docpad run without an internet
	- Added an interval timer to load, contextualize, render, and write
actions to determine what files we are waiting on
	- Dependency upgrades
@balupton balupton v6.43.1. Bugfix.
- v6.43.1 June 29, 2013
	- Fixed `docpad init` config error
@balupton balupton Major improvements for importer support #500 9893e08
@balupton balupton Fixed name attribute. Updated tests for new attributes. 2312d5a
@balupton balupton Fixed failing render test. It should now fail. So added the correct t…
…est for the failure
@balupton balupton removed console.logs fcba6e5
@balupton balupton v6.43.2. Bugfix.
- v6.43.2 June 30, 2013
	- Fixed `locale is not defined` error when running `docpad init` on an
existing website
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev 9da3d59
@balupton balupton correctly set the version flag for v6.43.2 7c64f89
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev cf38530
@balupton balupton Huge improvements to api facilitating a new paged plugin version c09da32
@balupton balupton Update version number to v6.44.0 6aa7ff2
@balupton balupton Relative path conflict detection now supports virtual documents 4f0fdc7
@balupton balupton Fixed cannot get detectEncoding from undefined 8034fb2
@balupton balupton v6.44.0. Improvement.
- v6.44.0 July 2, 2013
	- Model Improvements
		- Way better support for virtual documents (files that do not have a
physical path)
		- Cleaned up and fortified the normalization and contextualize
		- At least one of these file attributes must be specified:
`filename`, `relativePath`, `fullPath`
			- `relativePath` if not set will default to `fullPath` or `filename`
			- `filename` if not set will default to the filename of `fullPath`
or `relativePath`
			- `fullPath` will not default to anything, as it is now optional
(providing better support for virtual documents)
		- The following file attributes are auto set but can be over-ridden
by custom meta data: `date`, `name`, `slug`, `url`, `contentType`,
`outContentType`, `outFilename`, `outExtension`, `outPath`
		- The following file attributes are forcefully auto set:
`extensions`, `extension`, `basename`, `outBasename`,
`relativeOutPath`, `relativeDirPath`, `relativeOutDirPath`,
`relativeBase`, `relativeOutBase`, `outDirPath`
		- Added these new file attributes: `outBasename`, `relativeOutBase`,
		- Updated a lot of log messages to support virtual documents
		- `buffer` is now correctly set as a File option
		- `File::setMeta(attrs)` can now accept meta backbone models instead
of just javascript objects
		- File and Document methods now use
[extract-opts](https://github.com/bevry/extract-opts) for their
arguments just like DocPad already does
		- Removed the incorrect dangling file attributes: `path` and `dirPath`
		- Added new `FileModel::clone` method for making a clone of the file,
attributes, opts, events and all will be cloned
	- Core Improvements
		- Added `getFileById(id, opts={})` template helper and docpad class
		- Plugins can now alter the load, contextualize, render, and write
		- Added a new `lib/util` file for containing misc functions
		- Added `DocPad::destroy()` method for shutting down the server and
			- Currently only shutdowns the server, we still need to add the rest
of the things
	- Testing Improvements
		- RendererTester is now more helpful when comparing differences
between outputs
		- DocPad tests now use the new docpad destroy method that allows
graceful shutdown rather than the previous ungraceful `process.exit(0)`
			- Still needs to be applied to plugin tests
@balupton balupton Added nodefly to the profiling tools 24bc662
@balupton balupton v6.45.0. Improvement.
- v6.45.0 July 6, 2013
	- New `docpad update` command to ensure that your local installations
of DocPad and its plugins are up to date with the latest compatible
	- `docpad install [plugin]` command now installs the latest compatible
	- Added [NodeFly](http://nodefly.com/) support when using the
`--profile` flag
@balupton balupton Update dependencies d243ea1
@balupton balupton Refactoring loading for importers b8ac1c6
@balupton balupton Better debug flags for testing 6b5048b
@balupton balupton Removed data storage, it now just stores as a buffer
Before using data would store as both data and a buffer, now just
stores only as a buffer
@balupton balupton Fix tests for importer rewrite. Caterpillar optimisation attempt.
- load events now parse events
- split out `populateCollections` into it's own thing
- moved `generateParse` logic into `populateCollections`
- added `opts.collection` support back to `parseDirectory`
@balupton balupton Plugin loader will now check peerDependencies as well as engines ffde1aa
@balupton balupton Can now `docpad install` multiple plugins at once c0a2fbf
@balupton balupton Plugin loading and init improvements
- Plugin loading will now check to see if the plugin is of the correct
version for the docpad version
- `docpad init` will now initialise to the complete docpad version and
npm v1.3
@balupton balupton Fixed the plugin unsupported checks over-riding each other 30853eb
@balupton balupton Fixed encoding issue on binaries c09a794
@balupton balupton Fixed regenerations 4f209b2
@balupton balupton Fixed encoding conversion issue due to undefined fullPath 19417be
@balupton balupton Answered a todo 44b95dd
@balupton balupton Minor 7090e89
@balupton balupton Added writeSource attribute. Fixed writeSource. Meta data is no longe…
…r cleared on parse.
@balupton balupton Better file loading debug messages. Better tags splitting. Removed in…
…correct file parse return value. Bumped version number.
@balupton balupton Don't update render attributes on layouts bc2e02e
@balupton balupton Clean up option setting for file model. Renamed outDirPath option to …
…rootOutDirPath to avoid conflicts with the outDirPath attribute
@balupton balupton Added a changelog for the latest development 656c748
@balupton balupton Fix #558 397a9df
@balupton balupton v6.45.1. Bugfix.
- v6.45.1 July 23, 2013
	- Fix `safeps is not defined` error
		- Thanks to [Carlos Rodriguez](https://github.com/carlosrodriguez)
for [issue #558](docpad#558)
@balupton balupton merged with master d7efb4d
@balupton balupton Fix a crash when buffer is not defined on files 2fe0d4e
@balupton balupton Fixed cloning not working due to duplicated IDs f8cd410
@balupton balupton Added getConfig and getPlugin to tester class dc4ea00
@balupton balupton Added ability to write source without adding the writeSource metadata…
… property
@balupton balupton Fixed a crash from undefined destinationPath introduced in b8ac1c6 d258b62
@balupton balupton v6.46.0. Improvement.
- v6.46.0 July 23, 2013
	- Awesomeness for everyone
		- Added support for creating brand new virtual documents
		- File `data` will now just set the `buffer`
			- Removed `getData` and `setData` on models
		- Can now `docpad install` multiple plugins at once
		- Plugin loading will now validate the `peerDependencies`
requirements along with the old `engines`
		- `docpad init` will now initialise to the complete docpad version
and npm v1.3
		- You can now tell a file to update it's source file by setting
`writeSource: true` in it's meta data
	- Awesomeness for developers
		- We now _require_ all plugins to conform to the v2 for DocPad v6
standard, otherwise they will be skipped
			- This is to ensure compatibility with `docpad update` and `docpad
install <plugin>` which are the new standards for installing plugins
		- `parseDirectory` will no longer:
			- load files, this is now handled by the generate process instead
			- add files to the database, this can be done via the completion
callback or via passing over the collection the files should be added
to: `parseDirectory({collection:docpad.getDatabase()})`
		- Removed `parseDocumentDirectory` use
`parseDirectory({createFunction:docpad.createDocument})` instead
		- Removed `parseFileDirectory` use
`parseDirectory({createFunction:docpad.createFile})` instead
		- `Document::writeRendered` removed as `File::write` will now write
the output content
		- Added `File::writesource`
		- Added `PluginTester::getConfig()` and `PluginTester::getPlugin()`
	- Updated dependencies
@balupton balupton v6.46.1. Improvement.
- v6.46.1 July 23, 2013
	- Added `populateCollectionsBefore` event
@balupton balupton v6.46.2. Bugfix.
- v6.46.2 July 24, 2013
	- Fixed regenerations not regenerating referencing documents (bug since v6.46.0)
		- Closes [issue #559](docpad#559)
	- Fixed documents not including the default attributes of files (bug since always)
	- Corrected naming of `releativeOutBase` to `relativeOutBase` on file model defaults (introduced in v6.45.0)
@balupton balupton v6.46.3. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.46.3 July 25, 2013
	- Moved `Base::setDefaults` to `FileMode::setDefaults`
	- Removed superfluous loading logging messages
	- The attributes `parser`, `header`, `body`, and `content` are now set
correctly to `null` instead of `undefined` if there is no data
	- Correctly set meta attributes when also setting default attributes
(bug since v6.42.2)
	- Added support for `outPath`, `outDirPath` and `rootOutDirPath` to be
	- Added unit tests for virtual document loading
	- Fixed `removeWhitespace` tester option default
	- Added `contentRemoveRegex` tester option
	- Fixed debug log lines always being `DocPad.log` (bug since always)
@balupton balupton Fix typo in changelog 7d1871a
@balupton balupton Debugging recently found issues
## Changes

- Added naming to collections to easliy identify which collection we
are in when debugging
- Realised that tags for tumblr items were not being created because
tumblr items had isDocument and isFile undefined as it is a virtual
document, which the collection isHTML required
- Updated isHTML to check for write:true instead of isDocument and
- Added isDocument and isFile defaults

## Choices
This leaves us with the following choices

### documents/files as types

- then partials,layouts would be inside the documents collection - very
- can work around by having documents,files collections check for
- then we have write:false draft documents inside the documents
directory not inside the documents collection
- result is isDocument,isFile set appropriatly for types

### documents/files as directories

- then importers have problems
- can work around by having html,stylesheet collections check for
- result is isDocument,isFile undefined for imported documents
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' into dev 64f54fd
@balupton balupton Got tests passing for core and plugins - docpad-website is failing ho…

- Fixed virtual documents firing duplicated events
	- Added `cloneModel(model)` to properly handle events when cloning
(`model.clone()` will no longer clone events)
- Fixed `Object #<Model> has no method 'setDefaults'` error (bug since
	- Moved `FileModel::setDefaults` back into `Base::setDefaults`
	- Thanks to [Jeff Barczewski](https://github.com/jeffbski) for
- Fixed the 500 middleware not working
- Added ability to do `getCollection('database')` to get the global
- Added `render` alias for documents directory
- Added `static` alias for files directory
- The `documents` collection is now defiend by `render:true,
write:true` rather than being paths and `isDocument:true` based
- The `files` collection is now defiend by `render:false, write:true`
rather than being paths and `isFile:true` based
- The `html` collection is now checks for `write:true` instead of
`isDocument:true` or `isFile:true`
- The `stylesheet` collection is now checks for `write:true` instead of
`isDocument:true` or `isFile:true`
- Re-added `DocPad::parseDocumentDirectory` and `parseFileDirectory`
(removed from v6.46.0) which wraps around the new ways of doing things
- Added `DocPad::createModel(attrs,opts)` and updated
`DocPad::createDocument` and `DocPad::createFile` to use it
- Added `DocPad::ensureModel(attrs,opts)` and updated
`DocPad::ensureDocument`, `DocPad::ensurefile`, and
`DocPad::ensureFileOrDocument` to use it
- Added `DocPad::attachModelEvents(model)` to attach the required
docpad events to a model
@balupton balupton Little bit of work on the changelog from the last commit, need to do …
…the other changes as well
@balupton balupton v6.46.4. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.46.4 July 27, 2013
	- Fixes
		- Fixed virtual documents firing duplicated events
			- Plugins should now use `DocPad::cloneModel(model)` instead of
`model.clone()` as the latter can't bind events correctly
		- Fixed `Object #<Model> has no method 'setDefaults'` error (bug
since v6.46.3)
			- Moved `FileModel::setDefaults` back into `Base::setDefaults`
			- Thanks to [Jeff Barczewski](https://github.com/jeffbski) for
		- Fixed the 500 middleware not working
	- Changes
		- The `documents` collection is now defined by `render:true,
write:true` rather than being paths and `isDocument:true` based
		- The `files` collection is now defined by `render:false, write:true`
rather than being paths and `isFile:true` based
		- The `html` collection now checks for `write:true` instead of
`isDocument:true` or `isFile:true`
		- The `stylesheet` collection now checks for `write:true` instead of
`isDocument:true` or `isFile:true`
	- Additions
		- Added ability to do `getCollection('database')` to get the global
		- Added naming to collections to easily identify which collection we
are in when debugging
		- Added `render` alias for documents directory
		- Added `static` alias for files directory
		- Added logging for event emits
		- Re-added `DocPad::parseDocumentDirectory` and `parseFileDirectory`
(removed from v6.46.0) which wraps around the new ways of doing things
		- Added `DocPad::createModel(attrs,opts)` and updated
`DocPad::createDocument` and `DocPad::createFile` to use it
		- Added `DocPad::ensureModel(attrs,opts)` and updated
`DocPad::ensureDocument`, `DocPad::ensurefile`, and
`DocPad::ensureFileOrDocument` to use it
		- Added `DocPad::attachModelEvents(model)` to attach the required
docpad events to a model
@balupton balupton v6.46.5. Bugfix.
- v6.46.5 July 28, 2013
	- Fixed `ReferenceError: result is not defined` (bug since v6.46.4)
		- Thanks to [Anup Shinde](https://github.com/anupshinde) for [issue
@balupton balupton v6.47.0. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.47.0 July 31, 2013
	- Added `FileModel::deleteSource`
	- Added support for specifying inline content within the styles block
	- Fixed `DocPad::parseFileDirectory`
@balupton balupton Move regenerateEvery code from setConfig to generate to avoid stacking d2d5beb
@balupton balupton Added outdated message when local docpad version isn't the same as th…
…e global version
@balupton balupton v6.48.0. Improvement.
- v6.48.0 August 5, 2013
	- Moved `regenerateEvery` timer into `generate` rather than
`setConfig` to avoid action stacking
	- DocPad will now warn you when your project's local DocPad version
does not match the global version
@balupton balupton Added the other maintainers. Updated the description 2f3985c
@chase chase v6.48.1. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.48.1 August 9, 2013
	- Fixed [issue #584](docpad#584)
		- Now the output filename of a file without an extension will remain unchanged
	- Added a test for the aforementioned issue
@balupton balupton v6.49.0. Improvement.
- v6.49.0 August 9, 2013
	- DocPad will now shutdown and destroy itself more thoroughly
		- Thanks to [Ashton Williams](https://github.com/Ashton-W) for [issue #595](docpad#595)
	- Added the event `docpadDestroy` for plugins that are doing anything long-running so they can destroy themselves thoroughly too
@balupton balupton removed helen as a maintainer, added chase to contributors a8035ac
@balupton balupton fixed date of last release in changelog 2aa3eec
@Delapouite Delapouite fixed missing progress option for loadFiles step 6738799
@balupton balupton Merge pull request #598 from Delapouite/master
fixed missing progress option for loadFiles step
@balupton balupton v6.49.1. Bugfix.
- v6.49.1 August 14, 2013
	- `loadFiles` step is now properly reported in the progress bar
		- Thanks to [Bruno Heridet](https://github.com/Delapouite) for [pull
request #498](docpad#598)
@balupton balupton v6.49.2. Improvement.
- v6.49.2 August 20, 2013
	- Fixed `File::deleteSource`
	- Plugin tester will now try to init the plugin test directory if there are tests defined (useful for plugins which tests start from scratch)
	- Updated dependencies
@balupton balupton Moved the package.json to spaces from tabs 4d19567
@balupton balupton v6.50.0. Improvement.
- v6.50.0 August 20, 2013
	- Upgraded from commander v1.3 to v2 (removes commander prompts)
	- We now use promptly for prompts
	- Updated dependencies
@balupton balupton Added getting support link to the CONTRIBUTING.md e2a46a5
@balupton balupton v6.50.1. Bugfix.
- v6.50.1 August 28, 2013
	- Fixed validation of DocPad sites containing the powered by header
		- Thanks to [drguildo](https://github.com/drguildo) and [Eduan
Lavaque](https://github.com/Greduan) for [issue
@balupton balupton clarify the last change e663b41
@balupton balupton Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/bevry/docpad 539552c
@balupton balupton v6.51.0. Improvement.
- v6.51.0 August 29, 2013
	- Better upgrade `docpad upgrade` and update `docpad update` experience
		- Thanks to [drguildo](https://github.com/drguildo) and [Eduan
Lavaque](https://github.com/Greduan) for [issue
	- DocPad will now run the local installation if it exists (avoid this
by using the `--global` flag)
		- Thanks to [Eduan Lavaque](https://github.com/Greduan) and
[flamingm0e](https://github.com/flamingm0e) for [issue
	- Added the ability to uninstall plugins via `docpad uninstall
	- Updated dependencies
@balupton balupton v6.51.1. Bugfix.
- v6.51.1 August 29, 2013
	- Fixed `docpad upgrade`
@balupton balupton v6.51.2. Bugfix. Improvement.
- v6.51.2 August 29, 2013
	- Fixed certain pugin tests that require skeleton initialisation
(regression from v6.52.0)
	- When using `--global` flag we won't kill the global instance when
starting a skeleton
@balupton balupton v6.51.3. Bugfix.
- v6.51.3 August 29, 2013
	- Fixed `docpad uninstall <pluginName>` (feature introduced in v6.51.0)
@balupton balupton v6.51.4. Bugfix.
- v6.51.4 August 29, 2013
	- Fixed `TypeError: Cannot call method 'getLocale' of undefined` when
destroying (regression from v6.49.0)
@balupton balupton v6.51.5. Bugfix.
- v6.51.5 August 30, 2013
	- Fixed syntax errors in docpad configuration file not being reported
correctly (regression since v6.49.0)
		- Thanks to [drguildo](https://github.com/drguildo) for [issue
	- If a configuration file fails to load we will now tell you which one
it was
@balupton balupton v6.51.6. Improvement.
- v6.51.6 August 30, 2013
	- When using writeSource don't write the header if there is no meta
	- Added support for `writeSource: "once"`
Tony Edited en.cson
- Made section-separator comments more obvious
- Edited for grammar, punctuation, phrasing, and clarity
Zearin commented Sep 17, 2013

Ping! You around, @bevry ?


Added to the localisation milestone.

For now localisations are not a priority, nor do we have any reviewers who wish to review. We could always add this as an extra locale if people want, but that requires a better localisation infrastructure.

Closing for now until we can attend to this. Sorry.

@balupton balupton closed this Nov 28, 2013
@Zearin Zearin deleted the Zearin:patch-1 branch May 14, 2014
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