sACNView provides a tool for monitoring and sending the Streaming ACN lighting control protocol used for lighting control in theatres, TV studios and architectural systems
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sACNView is a tool for viewing, monitoring, and testing; the ANSI/ESTA E1.31 protocol, informally known as "Streaming ACN".

For general information on the project, visit the web site

This protocol is used in lighting systems (typically theatre, television, live entertainment, and other systems where a high performance stream of data is required).

This is sACNView mark 2. The original program was written in Borland Delphi, but this new version supplants it. It is written in C++, using the Qt library and sACN reception code from Electronic Theatre Controls.


If you are interested in simply using the program, visit the product web site to download installers for your platform (Mac or Windows OS).


If you are interested in building the application you will need the following:

To build, open the .PRO file in the root directory and build with Qt Creator